Bum trumpet etiquette in work traps

Hopefully some of you may be able to assist me with a point of etiquette.

When in the traps at work, is it acceptable to sound a good healthy note on the bum trumpet as one goes about one's business? I ask because it is only natural and can be hard (not to say undesireable) to suppress. Is it a case of "what goes on in the gents, stays in the gents"? (not things of that sort, Mr Michael)

Obviously you have the partitions to prevent visual offence, but can one really be held responsible for their construction being inadequate to the task of preventing olfactory and aural offence?
let it flow my friend let it flow.
I think this has been done before, three trap etiquette??

If on the throne I generally congratulate the chap next door if he gives an audio accompniment worthy of praise......

The phrase....'Oooof Good arrse' or 'patch up and move back to 200' generally work for me
It has indeed been done before : Three Trap Etiquette.

Whilst we're on the subject, I have a confession to make - I'm a bit of a cnut...

I work in a managed office along with about 20 or so other companies. There are 3 set's of ablutions (including showers - it's a posh place) on each floor.
Yesterday, I nipped in for a quick slash on my way outside for a fag break & as I was finishing - I was on my second of the maximum 3 shakes - I heard a bloke in trap 3 "err... I say, you couldn't pass me some toilet tissue could you?". I replied with the obvious "Nah!" & walked out.....


Beware that your trumpetry does not cause offence either by sound or odour, as the close proximity of copious amounts of water can entice the offended person to apply the bucket over the trap technique, causing much hilarity and revenge attacks.
It is deemed bad manners (in some circles, I'm led to believe) to record said trumpeting on a mobile phone and use it as a ringtone, especially when assigned to a profile.
Or, if it's a particularly loud, clenched buttock fart, wheeze "Still a virgin, huh? we'll soon see about that.." through the partition.
It is more than acceptable to loose off a rip snorter in the traps, in a perfect working environment this should be met by a round of applause by anyone else in the toilets or for that matter anyone outside the toilets if said evacuation was loud enough.

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