Bum Rape: Is It Normal?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cannon fodder, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Every Friday and Saturday I have an obsession of pulling my trousers down to let my bare arse hang out so I can openly show I want to be raped.

    I close my eyes, bend over down a back alley, let my ring take in the cool air and just wait, patiently for the bum rapist to strike.

    Is it normal for me to enjoy this so much?
  2. No
  3. Seconded you freak.
  4. Its not rape if you have given consent.

    How ironic it is that this is bound to end up in the hole.
  5. Do we think somebody left himself logged in and one of his mates noticed? :twisted:
  6. I hope so.
  7. Do you shave your hole?
  8. Or smear deep heat around it???
  9. If the original poster is female then pass on the address.....

    If male, and even Jarrod thinks you're a freak, then get on Rum Ration sharpish
  10. Excuse me it was me who said he/she is a freak.
  11. My most sincere apologies nottyash - you have the full kudos for being the original freak caller :)
  12. Answer No ... quite frankly I think you've only shared this info with us, hoping that you will be inundated with PM's with people wanting to meet, for lurid bum fun ... but like its been stated previously even Jarrod thinks your weird and as far has I know he is partial to a bit of bum love!!! (No offence intended Jarrod) so basically, your a freak..
  13. Thanks JR and RE I now feel validated. Still a freak monster.
  14. TO THE HOLE!!!!

    Not in a hermer way
    1 8O
  15. Well done Cannon Fodder. The site has become a bit mundane recently. I was wishing for a return of Dashing Chap and Hardon.
    Now, elucidate abit more on your experiences;

    Has anyone ever obliged you when you have been in a back alley living out your fantasy?
    If so did you enjoy it?
    Did you prepare youself? eg; annoint your rectum with vaseline?
    What sex are you?

    We do need to know these aspects in order to properly respond.