bum love before the watershed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tripod, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Sorry fellas but what i just witnessed needs to be aired.
    Monday evening, looking forward to grilled trout with white wine and dill sauce, served with new potatoes, and fresh steamed veg. Topped off with a bottle of chardonay. On a tray in front of the tele. Only emerdale but hey! with this meal who cares.
    Imagine my horror, as i'm stuffing myself senseless. Two blokes snogging....with tongues. Heeeeelp turn the tele over. Oh no the remote is on the other side of the room and i'm pinned down by the tray. My wife won't help, she's too busy pissing herself with my reaction. At tea time for god's sake.
    After I calm down the scene changes, and then I carry on with my trout imagine my horror as the programme goes back to our unfortunate male bum chums, putting there clothes on after obviously been endulging in something quite unnatural. I just could not face the rest of my tea after this a so the cat is feasting well this evening.
    It's not on.....this sort of thing should not be shown at any time let alone at 7.30 in the evening..........thoughts on this gents.
  2. Seen + agreed. What's more shameful though.. the batty boys or that we are addicted to Emmerdale.... aaarrrggghh!!!!!
  3. That'll learn ya for watching bloody Emmerdale
  4. Could anyone explain how i go about telling my youngest daughter just what the men were doing?
  5. Quite agree. Now if it was lesbians ... that's a totally different kettle of fish. I'd like to see that sort of thing whilst tucking into my breakfast ... lunch ... and dinner .... and probally a midnight snack.
  6. My bold.

    Interesting choice of words there.
  7. Erm... an every day tale of country folk? Maybe?
  8. Nobody complained when Debbie Dingle and that little orange slut indulged in a bit of tonsil hockey..... OR WERE THEY TOO ASHAMED TO FESS UP THEY WATCHED THE SH1TE!!!
  9. If I had known that sort of thing was going on I wouldve been watching :)
  10. I'm surprised you're complaining, based on your choice of beverage. White wine is for men who know what cafe curtains are.
  11. Sorry, what???
  12. I'm outraged that a legal sexual practice between consenting adults was alluded to before the watershed. I can't remember ever watching anything where heterosexual sex was alluded to in a similar way before 9pm. It's appalling and merely confirms my beliefs that there's something very wrong and unnatural about gay men and that children should be shielded from the knoweldge that male homosexuality exists because it is, after all, wrong and shameful. And no-one decent's boy would be gay anyway, so there's no danger of anyone gay being brought up to believe that who they are is wrong and bad. Gay women, however? Fine.
  13. Yes. RIP fallen soldier...I mean watershed...
  14. Put me off my dinner.
  15. Aren't they like beef curtains, only wetter?