Bum Gravy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cannon fodder, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Last night I shit the bed... should I tell anyone or just keep quiet?
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  2. ARRSE Standard Post No. 1:

    "Photos or it didn't happen".
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  3. dunno
    shit has a way of letting everyone know its there
    like a body behind a false wall....
  4. Cannon
    Was it your pit ?
  5. Depends if you live alone or not!
    Mind you if you don't and you keep quiet you might end up doing :)
    Following through is the sport of Kings you know :wink:
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  6. Well, cannon fodder, you ain't going to hide it because mummy will notice when she goes to change the sheets on your bed.
  7. As I am in a humanitarian mood, WHAT made you do this deed? Over indulgence? A bad prawn?
    Or, more than likely, you lazy bastard.
  8. was it YOUR bed?
    If it wasnt, I'd keep schtum!!! If its your own, who gives a shit, apart from you obviously.
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  9. Share it on facebook!
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    pffft...everyone's shat their own bed at some point.

    it's only worth bragging about if you've shat someone else's.
  11. Meh...

    Who hasn't? If you manage to knock over the bedside lamp with a well aimed spritz I'll be impressed, otherwise, meh....
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  12. Scored with a bird from Redcar once and wiped my arse on the sheets .To be honest ,there was not much difference
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  13. Shagged a bird in Chatham when I was fucking hammered I only went and swamped the fucking bed!
    Woke up late for work as well so passed the buck and thinned out.
    Thought it was funny until one of the blokes said "oh you shagged the riddler" bollocks!
    Oh and to cover my lateness I just waited until naafi sneaked in put my covvies on and acted like I'd been there all morning so Mr Tipler just carried on as normal.
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  14. did it have sweetcorn in , or did your boyfriend pick it out with his meatdagger first?
  15. After a bad vindaloo I arced up and shat the bed. Must've dozed off staright after as the first I knew about it was Mrs. Rutar belting shit out of me yelling "You dirty bastard, I just rolled over into that!"
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