Bum cheque.

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Monty417, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Jarrod went to pay a bill by cheque the other day. He pulled a rectal thermometer out of his top pocket and tried to write, looked at it in annoyance and said "Fucking great! some arsehole's got my Parker."
  2. Don't be ridiculous. Nobody uses cheques any more.
  3. Fuck! so the one I just had from Inland Revenue goes in the bin then.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    A Yorkshireman? Paying a bill?

    hahaha hahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Correct. Didn't you listen to Vince Cable and our Deputy PM, whose name genuinely escapes me at the moment, at the LibDem err, Con conference last week.

    We should all be paying more tax than we have to because doing anything else is unpatriotic tax avoidance (note: not tax evasion - that would be illegal).

    Didn't you hear how the evil middle classes employ accountants to escape their patriotic duty to overpay the Revenue. Set fire to your cheque Monty. You know it's the right thing to do. After all, the taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven Jaguars that are provided free of tax to ferry Vince and Whatsisname from their taxpayer funded but free of tax second homes to the Whitehall offices that they never dreamed of occupying are thirsty beasts.

    They wont keep petrol in the tank and a decent single malt in the mini bar if greedy b@stards like you run about cashing cheques with impunity and thereby depriving schools and hospitals of vital funds.
  6. My duofold is in my desk drawer at work, or I hope it is.
  7. Nick Clegg

    So someone actually did get a cheque from the IR - thought it was a myth - frame it for posterity.
  8. Too late, I've burnt it, as urged to do by my mentor Ancient_Mariner. I feel all noble now.
  9. Boastful cunt. Give it to the charity auction.
  10. Nooooooooo just think how many civil servants had to work overtime, going over old data to notify you that you had paid too much tax last year and deserved a refund!
  11. As long as it isn't currently at exactly 37.5 degrees celsius I suppose that's ok.
  12. Like fuck it's mine!