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What I find very disturbing is the bullying that "appears" to be taking place in the army recruit Training.
During the war, men had to be prepared, and trained for the worst that the Nazi regime could inflict on them.
The army discipline was there, and everyone had to toe the line, (In everything they did)
At no time, did I ever witness bullying of any form, or indeed, anything other than proper training and discipline.

That Sapper training was at time rigorous, and with strict disciplin.... goes without saying.....But Bullying? NO Never
So why, if it is not necessary in war time? could it be construed as necessary in peacetime.

I would add, that I have no first hand knowledge of any bullying. Only what I hear, and see on the TV.
Views Please?
Bullying is about trying to cow, intimidate and reduce people. Preparing people is all about making them self-confident, bold and aggressive. People bully not because they have a well-conceived idea of how to promote a good outcome but because they like bullying.
Very well put. Far better than my posting. Thank you for that.....
And something I agree with completely. The bravest Sapper NCO I ever knew, never ever resorted to anything but decent behaviour. and was respected by all ranks for it.

It does seem such a shame if bullying does go on. It achieves nothing. It seems to me that it has no place in today's army. It would be interesting to learn how the modern Sapper recruits see their training


I too was priveliged in 1981 to undertake training by mainly well balanced NCOs who did show me the right way to teach and lead, I chose to leave after 7 years but had I stayed I would have used those best examples as my benchmark.
I can't say I saw any NCO act out of line when I went through training. However since then, I have encountered a few fullscrews who think everyone underneath them owes them something and try to use their rank out of context to make people do certain things or do certain things to people. Usually singling out a sapper from the rest is where it starts.
End of day were all in a combat job with most of us actually fighting to some extent, so a bit of 'character building' aint wrong. The odd slap or even punch in the right circumstance should be tolerated. However, blatant physical misuse, ie, repeatedly hitting or kicking is unacceptable.

I have not experienced or seen it in my time at an infantry unit. However, people can take words the wrong way. End of the day, if ya cannot handle being called norther this, cockney so and so, fat cant or anything like that, how the **** can you expect to fight in the stan or iraq on the front line. People do need to grow a pair.


There is growing a pair to deal with ritual ragging as the redarrsse and there is also organised beastings , sorry that should say beatings when persons whose authority they feel is being either undermined or are unable to lead by example resort to bullying and using the group as pack dogs to do their dirty work.
It does go on but thankfully enough persons are willing to stand up to it!
i be honest with ya mate, what is actualy wrong with beastings, as long as their supervised ie, not letting someone like that RRW lad die because of heat.
If some lad proper drops a bollock or fucks up on purpose then yes he should get right royally fucked over, though not if it means harm to him.


Beastings as in administered by a drill pig or RP ok, blokes in respirators coming to your room at night is something else. Also is hitting recruits because they cant do it correctly, it doesnt work, it makes the worse. Remedial training is whats needed.


There are a number of other threads running on this issue at the moment following last week's BBC "investigation". So I will close this one and posters can contribute to the others if they wish.

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