I've never really come across it but I'm sure it happens. Also know you get whinging losers who create a tissue of lies to exist in to justify their own nasty. untrustworthy, onanistic existance. There was a soldier in my company who threw himself off the back of his warrior in the veh hangers in order to SIW himself and claimed his section commander had beaten him up. Which then actually happened...only the lad was himself quite hard, and they were both black and blue. When he ended up in my pl I tried to give him a clean slate and chat things thru...give him some incentives to clean his act up...and when he was under direct supervision he was a brilliant soldier. After about a month he was given something to do on his own, having started to regain his name...and promptly glugged a bottle of vodka and ran his landrover off the road...which was quite dull in a bosnian winter, as all sports fans will know. I'm sure he used to get shoeings - and kick back - regularly..but contrary to Napoleon's maxim, he was an incorrigible delinquent. Unredeemable. But very fit, tough, hard etc....little twat would have probably won a VC just for spite in a full-on war.
The party line is pretty much dead on - zap it when you find it. But we live in a high-octane world
found this on the site about the armed forces


I remember a guy at Depot made a story up that his perants was dead and wanted to get out as the army was not for him. When it was found out to be bag of Bol*ocks he did something stupid and took an overdose of brufen...silly tw*t woke us up at 12 in the morning..after they pumped his guts he started telling nurses that he was being beaten :roll: he got out the next day.
Just because you don’t fit in is not an excuse for self harm or even PVR. In every unit of the British Army you will find the “Eccentric Characters” these are life’s, dare I say odd balls who are strange yet are part of our family and very much part of the team. Moral is a fragile thing that has to be cared for and nurtured but soldiers must realise that they are soldiers who have a responsibilities to themselves and others.

I know we have bullies but they are not tolerated and any one who says they are is not serving in the modern Army, or is in a very bad unit indeed!

Some soldiers need help, this is given freely and the machine can get the job well done. Some recruits are week and have a miss guided idea about the Army and the life they will lead. Team work and “getting on” with people is to some a strange concept.

The Army is not the life for every one and some join who are week and unstable find it rather easy to cry “bully”

The original post gives a link were a soldier gives an example of not going to on the lash with his mates. I say this does not deserve a rifle under his chin but also ask why is he not going out with his mates? Of course you have the right to stay in but I believe it would be healthier to join in with the same guys who are going to give covering fire one day!

The Army Careers office I think has a lot to awnsers for! What are they telling these people? We have to recruit but are we telling them how it is? Is every one getting a shocker in the locker when arriving at their recruit’s depot? My recruits training was done at Strensall, York, and we were all full briefed that for the next 22 weeks we were going to at best feel uncomfortable but if we stuck it out and joined our battalions we would see life improve.

I, along with others found basic training hard but not impossible; we had a lot to learn. On arrival at battalion life did improve and every month spent with our sections was a month with a new family!
ViroBono said:
babiesarm said:
Gods way of weeding out the weak...
Though I have no time for those who work their ticket, I assume you mean the bullies, who are the weak ones in this....
On your soap box again Viro? Remember being hoodwinked by FRMarcus?

Seriously, why would a group of soldiers burst into someone’s room with baseball bats and an air rifle, put razor blades into soap, etc, blah?? There are always two sides to the coin. I was kicked and punched throughout my basic and trade training. Anyone got the telephone number of a good solicitor? I'm suffering flash backs, depression and I love alcohol. Time for compensation to help prop up my IT business.
Happens to be something I see through my work and therefore feel strongly about. I see nothing wrong with that.

Bullying usually takes more subtle forms than those you describe; for the answer to your question see the site detailed above.

I'm not sure why some people seem have a problem accepting the fact that bullying existed, and still exists, in the army they are no longer members of. The old 'I had a hard time but it didn't bother me' record is becoming rather boring though.
Really? I'm sorry for boring you. But seriously, REAL bulling cases are, in my experiance, dealt with. There are those who choose to use bullying as a means to get out or further their wealth. Why is this chap NOW deciding to go public?? He left (I believe) in 1997, having spent three years in. Why the wait? Money?
I didn't say that genuine cases aren't dealt with; it's my experience too that they are, though it sometimes takes longer than it should.

As to the motives of the individual in the first link, who can say? Almost certainly money.

It is a sad reflection of society today that so many seek to make money in such cases. Almost every soldier with any sort of injury these days wants to claim compensation. MDHU wards full of adverts for ambulance-chasing solicitors don't help.
when I did my s type I had the misfortune to be in a room with the two worse soldiers in the army theses "heros " decided to initiate me and steal my kit *******. One got caught breaking into a Pad the other ended up in a greek jail for 8 months after burgulry/arson. they were bugger all use in the field as well
Two worst soldiers??

I bet I can find two worserer.... 8)
even the arson was stupid
broke into a holiday flat did'nt have a torch decided to use a newspaper and a match as a torch dropped flaming torch on dodgy spic sofa made of compressed napalm or something virtually exploded burnt block of flats down. got medically discharged when let out of greek jail :evil:
Zzzzzz. Think of one better.

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