Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sadsacks, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. just a quick one to gain an opinion on who thinks this is acceptable and to what levels you think it is.

    answers on a postcard
  2. Firstly, what is your definition of bullying?
  3. Secondly, are you taking the p1ss?
  4. For definitions of bullying go to bullyonline.org
  5. wah!

    Now dipsh*t, give us yer dinner money <... shove>
  6. Bullying is never acceptable, the system should be robust enough to produce good soldiers without the need to bully. Good leaders don't need to Bully, bad ones do... simple.
  7. Why? Are you considering taking up bullying? Flushing their heads down the loo is the best way.

    There's nothing wrong with firm discipline, but that ain't bullying.

    When discipline descends into victimisation just for the sake of it there's something seriously wrong.
  8. Is dry bumming considered bullying?
  9. RTFQ


    What the hell is it with you and Dry Bumming Rigger? Do you know what a 'fixation' is?
  10. Bullying should never be tolerated by the bullied person.

    If reporting the bullying fails to galvanise the correct response from the authorities, then there is only one option available.

    Befriend an elderly Japanese gentleman who lives conveniently near you. Spend your summer holidays doing odd jobs round his house, whilst learning the fundamentals of an unspecific martial art.

    By the time the next school year starts, you will be equipped to deal with your tormentors. As soon as anyone comes near you, simply adopt the crane stance and they will realise they're in for a world of hurt. Some cheesy Peter Cetera music playing in the background on your boogie box will increase the affect.

    I'm only joking, of course. Bullying really is a serious subject. We must never let Cobra Kai open up any more dojos.
  11. RTFQ


    He's right you know.

    Or you can get bitten by a werewolf after getting blown out by your frigid high school sweetheart. Come the next full moon you'll be kicking the jocks' asses, playing basketball like a pro and strumming a guitar like a fanged Ben E King. You'll also have that hirsuite, animal look that chicks dig so much. Worked for me. No, wait - that was Teen Wolf.
  12. A good point, their evil sensei should be sent back to Cagney and Lacey where belongs.
  13. Seriously, though. I often find that the old 'fight fire with fire' approach to bullying doesn't work. Responding with violence is not the answer. Personally I prefer to call the bully to question by challenging him to a dance-off. Normally we meet after highschool, in the local mall parking lot to sort out our differences. But just in case the bully offers me out and I have to dance for my life right there and then. I always carry a single netting glove and japanese rising sun sleeveless t-shirt
    But for those less physical kids, there is another way. Show the bullies what you are made of by winning 'The battle of the bands'.
  14. RTFQ


    Women: If you're being bullied for being too intelligent and frumpy, simply take your glasses off and let your hair down - it will solve all your problems and Josh hartnet will fancy you or something.
  15. Trust me that this dosen't work. I watched all four karate kid films and thought I was hard as nails. Turns out that the 'baddies' don't take it in turns to fight you 'mano-a-mano'.