Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by haggishacker, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. I note from the news that they intend on bringing in legislation to fine the parents of children found guilty of bullying at school, now this seems to me to be a non-starter and i would like to suggest that instead of this knee jerk reaction why not take a more radical view at the root of the problem.

    Lets introduce a licence to have children. OK it may seem a bit radical but consider some of the benefits. Pregnancies would have to be planned with 2 consenting adults that agree to provide financially for the child. No licence would mean no entitlement to state handouts, including housing.

    The assumption (maybe one too far) would be, as more pregnacies are planned then more children would be born into potentially a more loving family and a stable environment where family values and discipline are respected.

    There are clearly some scum elements in society that should not be allowed to further pollute the gene pool who would should be excluded from the right to have children.

    OK there would need to be certain exceptions, however the embryonic stages of a good idea or the ranting of an old git that worries about the future generations of 'Vicky Pollard' offspring.


    PS. We need a licence for a dag and to take a car on the road but NOT to bring a child into the world.
  2. Have to agree 100% with this. However, maybe introduce some sort of 'exam' before you are allowed to have kids. Maybe test them out and assess your selfishness quota.

    I for one would fail the exam and be banned for life! 8)
  3. Maybe they should fine commanding officers guilty of turning a blind eye to bullying? They'd all be skint after a month!
  4. Ah, this is what I love about this government. They remove the rights of parents to discipline their children whilst filling the heads of said children with knowledge of their rights, but then want to hold the parents responsible for the failings of the nanny state!
  5. Quality!

    then we could only give licences to blonde haired, blue eyed parents,

    Maybe use the spare unlicenced children for cleaning chimneys and medical experiments

  6. but what would you do with all the "accident" children- I know, put them in a camp together!
  7. We could form a Youth league for them and give them military training......
  8. I've been saying this for years! People always say...well, who would decide? Easy, GOOD PARENTS would decide. Duh.

    Bullying is an evil thing...but it's true, stand up too a bully and they run off crying. Just recently I stood up too a bully in the ACF, an adult of almost fifty and me in my twenties....lets just say he threw such a wobbly and tried driving home drunk, that he won't dare show his face again!
  9. Been having a bit of a think about the unplanned kids and think that we could make putting them up for adoption compulsary, then we would save money on the NHS by no longer needing expensive IVF treatments.

    Keep the suggestions coming.

    May even send it in for the new tory party manifesto.......!
  10. You don't actually require a licence for a 'dag' or even a dog for that matter. A licence to have children??. Not so many years ago all you needed was a marriage certificate. I shall stop now before I really get on my soapbox and start ranting about familes with more 'daddies' than you find in an infantry section etc.. etc Oh, and of course, not one of them paying a cent towards the welfare of their protoge (Why should they when cnuts like us can pick up the tab!!). I really will stop know.
  11. Standby for incoming medal tsar
  12. That would sort out the undermanning issues.......in 18 years time. :?

    Hey, just in time for the next war!! :lol:
  13. It is an interesting idea though. One thing that I have always found odd is that if you want to adopt a child you have to prove that you will be a capable parent, and they have to check to make sure you're not a mental or anything. But two complete degenerates can get together and have a child?
  14. Agreed.