Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ops_sarge, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. I'm one month into a 6 month tour as ops rm sgt but feel i'm being emotionaly bullyed by my ops officer does any-one have any advice
  2. Shut up and get back to work, you idle individual :x
  3. To be fair, you probably won't last the tour, so have to get the work out of you somehow. :!:
  4. Rim his brew mug a couple of times. Laxitives. Lose some of his kit for him, preferably that which is of higher classification, I'm sure he goes to the loo.

    You'll have a shredder in there some where, shred some stuff that he's signed for which doesn't need shredding and leave some stuff which does, in the skip with some of his personal stuff. Have an alibi when the slime get called in and make sure if you get shot of anything, that it's not anything you have signed for nor had any control over.

    Alternatively you can make a complaint against him via the official line.

    Pesonally, if I were you, he'd be going sick with food poisoning roundabout next Tuesday.
  5. rodneys are used to rimmed brews they get them all the time they just don't know it :lol: :evil:
  6. so the ******* is out i'll try laxatives combined with shreddin should work
  7. Wondered what the beefy taste was! :roll:

    For quality poo related issues, check out this website:

    Rate My Poo
  8. Sorry if this sounds insensitive, but you're a frigging sergeant aren't you ? Which means you should have quite a few years under your belt, at least 10 and been on a tour, in fact you probably have more time in than this mong, surely you have learnt the the subtle art of telling an officer where to get off, its simple, just put "With Respect Sir..." at the begining of what ever you want to say.

    Example, Salisbury Plain mid nineties, I had just moved into the CP as a Shift Commander full screw, Ops Officer (a young LT) had premarked MY map

    "Sir what on earth is this on the board"
    "Oh bomb, I marked it up"
    "errr what the feck is that" points at unknown TAC map symbol
    "oh thats a pheonix launcher, Sgt XXXX told we what it looked like"
    "Sgt XXXX knows feck all and can feck of back to his fecking sigs truck", Welly takes a cloth and wipes everything off "with all due respect Sir, will you kindly feck off out of MY CP and make me a brew"
    "Sure thing bomb" 5 mins later a god awful breew turns up, as his is an officer and technically my senior, I don't throw it back at him
  9. Hit him with a sock full of pennies.

    Cheers 2CB
  10. thanx for all the advice but i'm to intimidated by his natural air of authority to do anything about it so i will have to get used to being his bitch
  11. What you should do is go on stag with him, chat about the issues and try to resolve it man to man.....

    or put some pool balls in a sock and twat him if you can't resolve it by talk.
  12. Tell your mum that big boys are hitting you.

    You're a SNCO............sort the c*nt out. Follow him to the lav and snot him when he's taking a leak. He'll not be able to fight back as he'll be trying not to p*ss on himself (be funny as f*ck if he did try to fight back). Once he's lying in his own urine......hose him down. He'll be too embarrassed to tell anyone and he'll not go for a leak again when your both on stag together. He'll only be able to put up with this for a stag or two and soon you'll be on different shifts. Then you can set about breaking into his desk/briefcase/laptop........and then you can really have some fun!

    Being in the RA is sh*te mate, but isn't Cyprus great!
  13. Me smells a wind up. Don't think a SNCO would be being bullied by a crow officer.

    Come clean!
  14. Try twatting him in the toilets anyway mate. And then shred or lose most of his classified stuff.

    It'll make your tour more interesting.........and his as well!