Bullying - yet more. When will it end?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, May 27, 2007.

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    The EOAD has presented its latest report to SofS and has
    found that allegations of ‘a culture of widespread
    bullying and brutality’ within the British Armed Forces
    are, in the most part, unfounded. The Advisory Team,
    which travelled to every Defence Establishment across
    the UK and overseas, interviewed staff from all three
    services and found surprisingly few cases of unfair
    treatment or bullying within the Royal Navy and the
    British Army.
    However, endemic mistreatment would appear to exist in
    the Royal Air Force. Complaints to the EOAT numbered
    13,555 from the RAF, compared to 3 from the Navy and
    just 1 from the Army.
    While this statistic is alarming in its own right, it
    becomes horrific when one considers that each complaint
    represents a sad story of abuse, mistreatment and
    neglect. As one senior RAF officer was quoted: “Each
    story is, in itself, a sad indictment of the RAF. When
    taken as a whole, however, they demonstrate a
    reprehensible lack of regard for personnel on the part
    of RAF management at all levels, and I include junior
    managers in particular.”
    One young pilot told of having to spend two nights in
    tented accommodation, despite the fact that there was a
    five-star hotel just 10 kms away with rooms available.
    Another said that he had been forced to endure a
    gruelling fitness test every year since he joined in 1997.
    One airwoman alleged that she had been overlooked for
    promotion on numerous occasions, simply because she was
    fat, lazy and stupid.
    An aircraftman stated that he had been refused
    permission to wear civilian attire to work, despite the
    fact that his uniform clashed with the blonde highlights
    he had put in his
    Another had been forced to wear uncomfortable safety
    boots for periods of up to eight hours at a time.
    An RAF clerk could not understand why she had been sent
    to work in a Joint military headquarters. “I have been
    forced to work for horrid Army people who just don’t
    understand what the military is all about” she stated,
    “I feel that the RAF has victimised me by forcing me to
    do this….I shall be seeking compensation.”
    Shockingly, RAF Senior Ranks are also subject to
    widespread mistreatment. One SNCO Flight Sergeant
    stated: “I was deeply,
    deeply upset when I was addressed as ‘Flight Sergeant’
    by an officer. He knew my name was Robert. It was just
    horrible. I have never been more humiliated in my
    life.” In response, a senior RAF officer stated: “The
    officer in question has been moved on…”
    A number of RAF personnel complained of having to attend
    courses that were not relevant to their jobs, such as
    rigorous ground combat courses and drawn out lectures on
    occupational health and safety. To add insult to injury,
    a young Corporal was even ordered to pack up chairs in
    the classroom after one such course.
    A huge backlash against the treatment of Air Force
    personnel should provide senior officers with a vital
    clue with
    regard to the massive retention problems experienced by
    the RAF in recent years. Over the past 24 months,
    Defence has spent £19.8 million looking into the issue.
    Not all of the Air Force’s hierarchy, however, were
    upset by the revelations. Outgoing Chief of the Air
    Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Errol Flynn, KCB CBE DFC
    ADC BSc (Eng) FRAeS stated: “I am delighted with the
    result. I am very happy that our retention problems are
    due, in the most part at least, to something as harmless
    as bullying. I thought everyone was leaving because of me.”
  2. PMSL!!!!

    Someone I know was deeply traumatised with the RAF after being issued last years Samsonite model. Got a compassionate discharge after suffering from Post Traumatic Shock
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    ROFL!!! - nice on ORC - got to be a Wah!
    I particulary liked:
    ... if you're going to publish it I'd like a signed first edition copy please!
  4. How can such a dereliction of duty on the part of senior RAF officers still go on in this day and age after all it is 2007 not 1907 My heart goes out to those poor poor guys with the propeller thingy for a rank slide :x I may have to go sick in the morning don't think I can face a day at work after reading about such horrors :hump:
  5. Thought this must be a wind-up until I saw the specific cases mentioned. Absolutely disgusting! Next they'll be requiring them to work away from home ffs!
  6. I believe he went on to say
  7. Damm you ORC ! I have to let the tears of laughter fall unchecked.

  8. Just read this one after dealing with Addenuff and boiling with rage about the failure to admit a Ghurka VC into the country. Cheered me up no end :D :D :D
  9. PMSL thanks ORC :lol:
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    Only the 4th time it's been posted, and I got it first by e-mail from a Crab source.

    Classic [SH1T, did I say that?]. :D
  11. Easy question - Simple answer.

    Professional investigation and


    End of.
  12. Guilty of what?
  13. Numbskull! Did you actually READ the post before passing comment? Try again!
  14. Of course I did not read the posts - seldom do. As for being a n
    'numbskull', after ten years of Bliar and his thieving spivs my skull sure is numb and so is my brain.

    Yep, got Bliar into another post.
  15. Sorry to say, already posted a few weeks back in the naafi.

    Still frikkin funny though :D