Bullying Video Doing the Rounds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Has anybody had this crop up on their facebook or anything else?

    Here's a link: jolene doherty bully in scotland - YouTube

    I haven't watched it myself but the wife was talking about it this morning and I've noticed a lot of outrage floating about on my own facebook feed about it. Seemingly some young lassy has a go at a guy with special needs, punching him and abusing him and so forth.

    It seems another incidence of trial-by-mob. The evidence is there and, yeah, it's ******* shocking behaviour but it really bothers me when the 'online audience' gets on it's high horse and starts braying for blood. Some of the comments in the various status' about the video are pretty shocking for themselves. I'm not condoning bullying or behaviour like this, it just really irks me when society starts demanding a sacrifice to appease their outrage.

    Strathclyde Police are dealing with it now AFAIK which has caused FURTHER outrage. Their facebook page has been swept by the outraged demanding the arrest and beheading of the lassy (her name is Jolene Doherty according to the vid) immediately. This morning some young guy came on and talked about how outrageous it is that the police are handling this case and taking it seriously but when he was a kid and being bullied they ignored his reports and blah blah.

    I'd like the lassy to learn her lesson - some swift, simple punishment would be ideal - but I wish the facebook folk going off their nut would give it a rest.

    Just wondering if it's spread beyond Scotland/Glasgow and others have seen it.
  2. Oh dear. He is a true gentleman, didn't hit the girl despite provocation. If this is bullying then kids have got really soft. She might be fun in bed though, someone you could have a good wrestle with ......er well you probably know what I mean.
  3. There's a page called the most hated person in Scotland or something like that. Lot of fuss over nothing. She hits him (just about) 2 or 3 times after screaming at him how he was cheeky tae her. He seemed a quiet lad, kept on saying 'I don't hit lassies,' and she kept asking (not very politely, I must add) if he was going to hit her. Seemed to me like she wanted to be the hard man by hitting what is probably the quietest kid in the school.

    I'd have smashed her ******* grid in for being an annoying wee trollop, but the video really isn't anything shocking or outrageous, we've all seen worse at school and people need to get the **** over themselves and the lad needs to smack her round the swede with a half brick.
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  4. Big deal. Wee bint hits big soft lad. Big soft lad fails to hit wee bint. Wee bint obviously doesn't hit big soft lad very hard because big soft lad is still standing.
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  5. I can't be bothered to watch it. But I will say Andrew Sachs has my full support and I won't be happy until Wossy no longer works at the BBC.
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  6. This is foreplay in scotland, just part of the mating ritual. What it doesnt show, is him kicking her back doors in.
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  7. That's not bullying. Thats a wee slag with hobbits feet giving a few crap jabs out.

    At my school we used rolled up and bent over newspapers as a cosh, those metal dustpans that the caretaker seemed to leave in every corridor and as we got older knives. He'd have been ******* eaten for breakfast.

    What's the betting that behind that cameraphone is her entire crew including boyfriends just waiting to jump him if he raises a hand to her?
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  8. Kylefodder! She will grow up in to a wee whore, so that when she sucks dick, she does it for crack!
  9. Destined for TA RLC would have been easier to type.
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  10. I'd like to be bullied on video.
  11. Since when have small, angry scotch people been deemed newsworthy?

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  12. I don't know but the media insist on printing the ramblings of that little ********, Alex Salmond.
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  13. Of course, that's the way it is.

    Soft lad needs to learn that carrying a Stanley to take her eye out with before lamping the biggest one behind the camera and running like **** is the only way forward for him.

    I thought we invented the 'newspaper chib'. First used after being hit with a bottlecap aged 14. Its that ingenuity that's lacking now.
  14. Surely smearing her nose across her face, followed by windmilling at the ***** behind the camera is the solution here.

    Sure, you'll probably get a kicking, but I guarantee that you'll never get picked on again once they know you're likely to smash at least one of them next time.
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