Bullying of ARRSE - An Invitation to Hackle and The COs

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Over the past week I have had various personal photographs of myself posted on ARRSE. One of those shows me with a corporal and no attempt has been made to cover his features. This is an attempt to get at me, a follow on from the bullying that was organised and orchestrated by Porridge Gun on the Ladies - What turns you off thread. Porridge Gun came onto the thread, which had become taken over by an admittedly childish spat between Steven Seagull and myself and immediately became totally one-sided despite pleas from myself to be more even handed.

By the following morning I had decided to go onto the thread and apologise for my part in hijacking it. However that morning Porridge Gun started posting more posts designed to mock me. This gave confidence to many others to come onto the thread and post insults about me. Indeed Porridge Gun stayed on the thread most of the day encouraging the bullying. Where I to be a weaker person the extent of the bullying could have had a severely detrimental affect. This is not the first time that Porridge Gun has orchestrated bullying sessions and I invite Hackle as an independent arbiter and the COs to read the thread and make their own minds up about the actions of Porridge Gun.

COs, I hardly need to point out to you that Porridge Gun, whether paid or not, is employed by you as a moderator to assist in the good running of your site. As such he represents your views and values to the greater community. I find it hard to believe that you would condone these blatant organised bullying sessions.

I accept that the NAAFI can be robust but Porridge Gun allowed, nay encouraged personal pictures of myself to be published. One of the published photographs depicts one of my corporals in uniform with absolutely no attempt to cover up or secure his persec. Porridge Gun even told people that publishing personal pictures was a no no but it was OK in my case.

I don't mind personal insults and banter but Cockwomble AKA Spaz who is a serving REME Artificer has not only breached persec but carried Porridge Gun's orchestrated and officially sanctioned bullying one step too far. Enough is enough and a line has to be drawn. This bullying has gone on long enough and I am tired of having to advise people and protect them form the open bullying that occurs in the NAAFI all under the approving eye of its moderator.

I am certain that once you have read the thread


and its preceding one


You will see that, although not blameless myself, you have a moderator who is encouraging gang feral behaviour not the robust banter that one might reasonably expect.The odd fall out is expected but when personal pictures are published and encouraged by a moderator then enough is enough.

I leave this in your hands for the time being. I am sure that as formerly commissioned officers you will be incensed at the amount of bullying that does go on on this site and absolutely appalled that one of your own moderators is at the very hub of it. I am not the only one that this has happened to, if they wish to come forward that is up to them. Having seen how Porridge Gun treats anyone whom he considers has crossed him I don't expect too many to stand up and be counted. That is fine, as a former Senior NCO I am willing to make a stand about this. No-one minds a bit of banter but when personal pictures are published and personal comments made about one's wife and children then enough is enough.
Mark, with due respect, perhaps it is time to wean yourself away from ARRSE for a while and let the lunatics run the asylum? Your plea is moderated and respectful, but is only likely to draw certain moths to the flame. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
Mark, with due respect, perhaps it is time to wean yourself away from ARRSE for a while and let the lunatics run the asylum? Your plea is moderated and respectful, but is only likely to draw certain moths to the flame. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
Thank you, I have taken that into consideration but I feel it my duty to those who have suffered bullying to see it through. I refuse to let the bullies win. It's not whether I can take it, more whether I should have to take it.

For the small minded I don't care that people see what I look like, I have met many, many ARRSErs and if I had issues with my size I would not have done so, not have gone to the charity events or to the crawls. However personal pictures are supposed to be a no-no and Porridge Gun made a statement that an exception would be made in my case and now an innocent corporal has had his full picture in uniform published on ARRSE which is supposed to be forbidden.

I believe that any half-decent member will realise that you can only go so far. The Army does not condone bullying and it does not condone those who use their rank or position to bully. If Hackle feels that there is no case to answer or the COs then I will accept that. I doubt somehow that they will.

Thank you for your considered opinion.


MiT, you have my full support on this one.

Whilst most of the insults were simply childish (I'm sure SS has never met your lovely wife, so any references to "your wife" however nasty, can be safely ignored); however it seems that some of the saddos were so keen to jump on the bandwagon that they entirely forgot the possible implications of posting photos in which military personnel can be clearly identified.

For this reason, I hope that the CO's can address this issue and perhaps run a tighter ship.

(And no, I don't give a tin shit either for the sarcastic comments which will probably follow).
Badger Heed put my real name on here too. The **** didn't even have the decency to spell it right.

He's obviously in with the cool kids.
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