Bullying in the RHF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. The MOD's response exorting victims to make official complaints is as predictable as it is useless. In this case the MP for Motherwell or where-ever is right - there is no use making a complaint to the chain of command resposible for creating the problem in the first place! If these allegations are proved true, then ALL those responsible, for the orders, the beatings AND turning a blind eye need discplining most strongly - and soon.
  2. Maybe we should have a system like the Septics do of having an Inspector General in every Div or Bde HQ.

    The IG, being a Senior WO or Maj/Lt Col/Col with vast experience, who has sweeping authority to conduct investigations. ALL complaints passed to them being of a REALLY confidential nature. Sort of like a Military Ombudsman with authority to act unilaterally if necessary.

    They would be responsible only to the AG or the CGS for their actions. Thus placing them outside of the chain of command, making them INDEPENDENT from, and free from interference, from said chain of command.

    Maybe Tomahawk6 can give us more of a picture on how the IG works in the US Army?
  3. We already have that, and it has shown to fail. its called AAW :roll:
  4. I believe I did say it should be like the Septics?

    From what I have heard theirs DOES work.
  5. The IG Mission:

    Inquire into and report on discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness.

    Conduct inquiries, investigations, inspections, surveys and studies directed by CG, law or regulation.

    Receive, investigate and report on allegations, complaints and grievances/requests for assistance from individuals and agencies.

    Teach Army systems, procedures and processes to assist activities improve operations and accomplish command objectives.

    IG's are found from the largest units down to the division. Before units deploy to combat they must pass an IG inspection. Uusally units are inspected annually to insure it has all its assigned equipment and to note any deficiencies so that they can be corrected. In the event of suspected problems a unit might undergo an IG without warning. Commander's dont want to have problem's with an IG because it can have a negative impact on one's career. Smart commander's try to resolve problems before an IG gets involved.

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  7. The IG is on a CG's Personal Staff along with the Chaplain, Staff Judge Advocate and the PAO. His rank is usally Colonel. The IG act's as the CG's eyes and ear's. A Division IG is normally a LT Colonel.

    The IG is responsible for advising the commander on the overall welfare and state of discipline of the command. The IG is usually a very experienced officer.
  8. Erm - ah - if I may raise my old grey head. The type of behaviour alleged is not really a new event. Certainly the HLI was run in this manner whilst based in Tel-el-Kebir in the early '50s. Whilst it was completely wrong, the bn disciplined itself. The young officers thought only of grouse, the more senior ignored what was going on. Faced with this situation, some NCOs decided to maintain what they saw as necessary standards by having beatings administered on an almost random basis.
    None of this is relevant really except when one comes to think about what has to be done. How to deal with something rotten in the state of RHF is quite interesting for armchair strategy thinkers but thought must also be given as to why the situation arose and what needs to be done to deal with it.
  9. I recall a thread here about abuse of Russian Army soldiers, beatings and worse. The US Army doesnt condone abuse by NCO's towards enlisted men. This was not unusual in the old Army where an NCO would beat a soldier for not measuring up. This happened in Basic Training as well. This generally provoked retaliation by the victim - AD on the rifle range or an accident in a live fire ex. In combat this might cause fraggings[common in Vitenam]. To allow this conduct causes a breakdown in good order and discipline.
  10. I wonder how many people saw BOTH articles which appeared in the News Review section of today's Sunday Times, Scottish edition.

    The first article is the one which T6 posted a link to.

    The second, full-page article is based partly on an interview with a serving soldier who is given the pseudonym of "John McCallum"; and partly on the recent report by the House of Commons defence select committee.

    I have no reason to either doubt or confirm this soldier's account, but there are obvious circumstantial errors in the story which lead me to doubt the thoroughness of the fact-checking which went into it. If the soldier's story is true, both he and the very serious issue of bullying deserve better.
  11. PS even the article posted by T6 refers to a "cadet" allegedly bullied in the regiment.
  12. My guess is that it is a typo as the paragraph in question was discussing allegations by privates.
  13. One day we are applauded for our actions in Iraq with VC, DSOs, MCs etc - the next we are back at square one.

    I fear that there are probably more on the way.
  14. The bad acts of a few overshadow the good acts of many. I think if the Army leadership comes down hard on units that tolerate bullying it would stop the practice. Units with good leadership do not have these kinds of problems. Evidently in the British Army it's isolated and not a widespread practice. In the US we see more leadership related problems than in active units, although the regular army has had some incidents.