bullying in the infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdt_parker, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. hello guys and girls, i am about to start the application process for the infantry but after reading reports about bullying in the army (especially under 18's) and not just taking the p*** but really disgusting acts of bullying and violence and reading about this has made me think, is it really worth it and wether i want to join the army. So i was just wondering how often you have seen bullying in the infantry and what gets done about it. thanks for any replies, i just want to put my mind at rest about this.
  2. All the time mate, errr journo.

    Fcuk off and research your story in Afghanistan, preferably in Sangin whilst dressed as a British soldier.

    Get your news by doing the footwork you spineless civvie cnut.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    While I understand your concerns, I have to question whether Inf is for you. I went through many 'experiences' which today would be classed as bullying - in my day (mid '60s) it was a case of Get On With It. Not saying that that was the correct attitude but if you can't take 'bullying' will you be able to stand real operational pressure? If you are a just a normal guy (and by that I don't mean anything sexual) then you should have no problems and will be able to take on board anything that comes your way.

    The army are not trying to stop people getting through training but to ensure that those that do are effective soldiers. Whatever happens to you will have happened to hundreds of your predecessors, including those training you!

    Go for it and enjoy it. Your only regret in later life will be if you did not try.
  4. ok thanks guys that has put my mind at rest, cant wait to start my application process now
  5. Bullying alway's seem's to get so easily confused with Charecter Building !
  6. Indeed - character building.

    Cdt_parker : would you call being hit in the street or shouted at in the street by an angry individual (Iraqi / Afghan / whatever) being bullied?
  7. Jurno tit. You could've at least tried a bit harder with your cover story
  8. had more bullying in school than the Army - by then I had grown up and could respond in the appropriate manner!
  9. I believe that bullying is now, regrettably, a thing of the past. However, the good old infantry tradition of **** defloration with a studded baseball bat is still going strong, last I heard. Some units still issue them to JNCOs for just this purpose...
  10. ofcourse it happens, dont bother joining
  11. It sorts the men from the boys, of course thats not how it is sold to joe public who only ever get to hear about the extremes or a version of events from Pte Softasshite.

    The character building aspect of it is what sorts us out from civvies!

    Turned me into the man I am today ;)
  12. fcuking jurno do one.
  13. I never worked out how bullying (as in outright bullying, not the charactor building stuff) as compared to operational pressure.

    Bullying is much more a personal thing. An individual is personally targeted with bullying - individuals in groups nearly always respond better to stress if its at the group than they do if singled out.
  14. Having investigated several allegations of bullying while I was in you would be suprised at what some people think of as bullying.

    In the vast majority of cases I found that no bullying had occured but that some people had a far from realistic attitude to the difference between being treated in a robust manner and being bullied.
  15. Its very rarely bullying, it's banter!! Which you are going to have when you have a group of blokes whether it be in the Army or in Civvie Strasse!!