Bullying in Blandford Beyond a Joke

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Enough_is_Enough, Jun 22, 2004.

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  1. Now that another one of these so called "man managers" has been posted out quickly and quietly from Blandford for "an incident" with a recruit, how long is it before the bullying going on in this place is addressed.

    What exactly is this Duty of Care they are supposed to be doing for us ? Or is it there careers they are caring about. Is it that desperate a thing - promotion to Sgt, SSgt or WO2 that they care for nobody or nothing apart from themselves.

    So I have only found this board tonight, and no I'm not sat around a PC in Blandford with a bunch of mates trying to cause a stir. And I suppose a lot of people on this board could come out with "shut up sprog, when I was in Phase 2 ..." and I respect your opinions and to a degree your rank. But if you got your rank through bullying or just sheer nastyness then I feel sorry for you.

    I have my career brief soon on my course, would be intresting to see the part where you are encouraged to be devious, under-hand, back-stabbing and a bully.
  2. First off, Hoping your not external to the camp such as a journo lets just calm things down a second.

    There is a good system in place with a new welfare officer in station. Hes a good guy, looks a bit scary but he is sound. He is there for phase 2 soldiers all you have to do pay him a visit. Dont worry about his rank you are on a level playing field.

    Otherwise speak with your cadre or SSM.

    Any problems PM me I will visit you personnally.

    The biggest problem Permanent staff have is recognising the problems before they get out of hand. If you know of a problem then make your voice heard. The chain of command WILL act.
  3. If you feel that bullying is going on, experienced it personally, or even witnessed the results of bullying, then YOU are obliged through YOUR duty of care to your colleagues to report it. The results of bullying are always negative, and it is the responsibility of every soldier to help stamp it out.
    Some may ask if this bullying you are referring to is really bullying, or someone having a whine because someone has exerted command prescence upon them, but i am sure that this is not the case.
    If it is going on REPORT IT!
    If you are not a part of the cure, then........you know the rest.

    (make sure you have good evidence though, or the whole thing might turn and bite you in the bum)
  4. Second that and Disco's comments. The system does work, some others and I did put in a complaint a year or two back about Blandford/courses and things were sorted.
  5. Great to hear so many concerned for our welfare - just a pity they are all in internet-land and not Blandford. Do you Staff Sergeants have to go on some course to be able to deliver the "Yes Sig xxxxx, what the f*** do you want?" reply to a young lad that finally has plucked up enough courage to REPORT IT.

    Guess what the Helpline number suggests? Report the bullying to your troop Sergeant or Staff Sergeant !

    Pathetic isn't it.
  6. Tp staffy not interested? Ask for an OC's interview - they soon get interested.
  7. Or go see the SSM.
  8. Failing the above speak to an SNCO you trust, such as an instructor.

    I will repeat though , you have a welfare councilor. GO SEE HIM.
  9. or just PM disco with the details, and he will sort it, as he offered.
    Life is not a big conspiracy against the younger soldiers, this has been going on 4 a while now, and you are no further forward.
    Offers of assistance have been made, and, it seems, you have not actioned them in a thorough manner, and have stopped at every obstacle.
    If you are serious, and not pulling our collective p1ssers, you would simply not stop harrassing the heirarchy until you were heard.
    SSM s are great people to talk to if you simply ask them for 5 minutes of their time.
    Like i said " If you are not part of the answer......you know the rest.
  10. If you have any concrete evidence of cadre bullying or have suffered personally then it is your duty to report it. At Blandford there are a number of outlets. You can go directly to your OC or the CO if you feel that these give you no joy. Be assured that ther is a zero tolerance policy from th Comd downwards. If you know about it and don't do something you are endangering other people. Have moral courage and look after youself and your buddies. Feel free to PM me I know the people who will act. Do not however creat the wrong impression about Blandford. Bullies are not tolerated on the staff or in the student body.
  11. Surely any pysical bullying would be an assualt then the RMP would be interested if you told them.
  12. Some of the sh!te going through blandford at the moment percieve fcucking sneezing as bullying. Lifestyle and laws have changed and these cnuts know this. I have only done 7 years in the army, but even in this short ammount of service i have seen a dramatic change in attitude and integrity. Some of these factors are down to maturity, it fcuking makes me laugh that some of these tw@ts cant even operate a washing machine, what chance have they of operating a vrc 353. Bullying is the wrong word to use, if people cant hack being shouted at or given extras they are in the wrong job my friend, however, i dont condone physical abuse in any form. This might have worked years ago but noy now.

  13. My sentiments exactly, except I couldnt express them as colourfully!
    Hear, Hear ,old chap!
  14. Yeah, the kids know the rules ok, we taught them too well! Having been back in Blanford for a few months I can see why so many of the 'little darlings' can get your back up..... Many of them are not robust enough - either mentally or physically - alot of it is down to the policy makers fcuking up the system years ago, binning Junior Leader Regiments is one, supurb breeding ground for future SNCOs! It got the 'kids' (16 to 18 year olds) a proper grounding and indoctrination in the army before getting trade training, that bit is now missing, so we get all the problems that a JL Regt would have sorted and have mixed it into a training environment, then, compound the problem by passing the miscreants to the field army... ........Any way! One thing that I do know is that a bully will not be tolerated, UWO is a top geezer and he won't tollerate any of that cr@p, nor will the troopies! So if you are being bullied get off your arse and report it, troopies can't do owt if you don't tell em!!
  15. There is also the other view. Some people (not all) are accused of bullying when they are constantly on one soldiers back all the time when, in reality, the soldier in question needs a kick up the arrse to sort them out. I'm not condoning kickings or real bullying but wher do you draw the line. What is the difference between bullying and plain old discipline.