Bullying and shame for a brighter future


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After previous discussions on the role of shame and bullying in developing people into functional members of society (most recently obesity, laziness and poor education), rather than excusing them through political correctness and allowing them to get away with it all, it seems that all is not lost:


BBC said:
A Wearside teenager who was bullied at school because he was fat, has been named Slimming World's Young Slimmer of the Year.

Jack Mitchell, 18, from Sunderland, lost 7st 7lbs (47.5kg) over two years.

He was taunted at school about his size after his weight peaked at 20st (127kg) when he was 16.
No doubt his bullies, if caught, got in all sorts of trouble. However I'm sure this kid now owes them for about 20 years on his life expectancy - as well as a new-found ability to pull birds.

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