Bullying and intimidation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Murielson, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Don't know about you guys but bullying is one thing that really p*sses me off. From the youngsters at Little Miss M's school who won't play with her or one of the other kids because they are not in the 'cool gang' to people who can't respect others who use a website.

    Really enjoy the banter and wit on here but there seem to be some who have to resort to personal insults in PMs to try and get their way and intimidate others. Guess they do not possess the wit and intelligence to join in with the banter. Strange as it is the variety of posters on here that seem to keep it going, but why can't people ignore threads that do not interest them? There is always the option of finding a thread that does interest you - there is plenty here.

    I haven't had any offensive PMs myself (not yet anyway). But sad to think that some may try, via offensive PMs, to affect what others may post.
  2. Whatever Muriel. Just give me your dinner money before you get dropped.
    "You smell of p*ss and you're on free school dinners"
  3. Typical - surprised you noticed it outside of the NAAFI.
  4. Who's been PMing you then?
  5. I agree Mur....there is banter and it can be realy good in chat....but when newbies get bullied and intimidated by certain people cause they think they are popular and everyone will laugh......it is below the belt
  6. Certain people? Are you in the know here Liz?
  7. No - it is genitals that are below the belt Nursey. Thought you would have known that with your training.
  8. Biscuits, not you. You are far too lovely and caring to be included in that bracket

    Muriel - as the current Mr Arrse competition is proving, some below the belt genitals are nicer than others!
  9. Muriel... are you a Walt parchance?
  10. ... and your comment is based on what exactly?
  11. My comment is based on my brilliant and witty sense of humour and also based on the fact i couldn't think of anything better to write. Get a girlfriend!
  12. .....and the fact he couldn't resist a thread on bullying......
  13. Sorry - thought it was relevant. My mistake obviously.
  14. I'm locking this because I can't be arrsed to cull the snidey comments.

    The line is this, if I spot anything I think verges on personal insult I will cull it. If anyone feels that they are being bullied by users of this site either publicly on the forums, in chat, or via PM then let one of the moderators or the CO's know and it can be dealt with.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.