Bullying and Bulemia, not always a bad thing?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chamooooone, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Looks like the school bully system has worked again, turned an ugly little fatty into a pretty hot young woman!


    A teenager told yesterday how she triumphed over school bullies who branded her 'fat' and drove her to bulimia - after making the finals of a national modelling contest.

    Now four years after going through 'hell' she is a finalist in Miss UK Natural Curves and has already won the Miss Popular category after hundreds of on-line voters backed her stunning figure.

    Emily, who now weighs 10 stone and is a size 12, wants to shame her bullies by winning the contest and counsel other teenagers suffering from abuse.

    Could still do with losing a few more pounds but well done so far!


  2. Proof that bullies were right all along. I'm proud of you, lads and lasses, another job well done. *sniff*
  3. Shouldn't she be disqualified from the competition as a self professed diet puker?
  4. Is it me or do her t1ts look, well, wonky?

    Oi! Wonky t1ts! Get the fcuk out.
  5. Her tits are almost perfect, you wonkey eyed twat, it's the 'gwar' that needs exorcizing
  6. God, why don't you just marry her. Wonky tit lover.
  7. If there is anyone on here that reckons they have never done a lot worse than that, they are either a Walt or a Gayer.

    She doesn't need to lose an ounce. I would bounce off that all night and all the next day (obviously with a few viagra pills on the way).
  8. I'm not suggesting that I wouldn't hump her. Just that she's got wonky tits. With any luck after trying and failing to get over the resultant psychic trauma she'll be so emotionally fragile that a career in bestiality and skat porn will follow. Before the oh so cliched overdose on a cocktail of class A drugs and cheap vodka. Burned out like a moth at a flame.
  9. But I like her wonky tits. She could give me a perfect titwank as I have a wonky kn0b. :D
  10. There's a strand of hair over one of them that makes them look wonky. However, I'll have your turn if it's that offputting.
  11. Her tits definitely do look strange...
  12. The days indeed.

    In the 1980s Gripper Stebson helped Roland 'Gutsy' Browning's weight problem by stealing his Marathons and getting him mown down in heavy traffic.

    In the 2010s any four eyed porker that turned up in Hollyoaks would probably get first dibs on all of those fit northern birds, before wobbling off shopping for male grooming products in the Trafford Centre.
  13. Before reading the rest of the posts I did notice that her chebs are out of kilter. But I'd still her boot her backdoors in happily.

    Well done the bullying cnuts of Peterborough! Although surely if she wins she's proving the bullies right, not wrong?
  14. That's gwar high lights, she's a gwar waltess
  15. ...and I bet all veiny.
    Nice tits, yep!; Fat veiny tits, No!

    That said I'd still kick her back doors in.