Bullying among officers

Discussion in 'Officers' started by KnightsofRowallan, Feb 17, 2005.

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  2. I know this dosn't help and isn't advice but as a comment, it is a shame that the chap in question's OC isn't more robust in telling the CO that he is a decent man and to grade him accordingly. Really the Regt 2IC isn't in the Chain of Command and should have no input into the grading of the officer. That is the job of the 1RO, (presumably the CO,) on the advice of the OC.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Keep a diary of what was said and when.

  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You dont say if you are in a Cbt Sp/CSS unit or a single battalion/regiment cbt arm. If in the former, the best bet is to move on fast somewhere else, if the latter things are more tricky.

    I assume that the officer must have had the CO as 1 RO, otherwise the OC that thought he was such a good bloke would have written part 1. So for the CO to be 1RO, the captain must be age 28+. For a captain of that seniority to be getting B- ain't good, so perhaps a redress as to why this apparent lack of performance hadn't been picked up on the MPAR.
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  6. MS_Rep

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    I have been away hence slow response...

    Initial Comment: The Mil Sec advises that officers should not be given likely OPG and Potential gradings in their MPAR.

    I'll think about this some more and come back if I have anything of use to add...

    Agree it does appear that the OC is not looking after his officers.

    The 2IC may not be in the Chain of Command but the reality is that a few poisoned words can sink an individual in the CO's eyes...
  7. A well timed "ND" can work wonders I am sure.

    Will he be in Iraq soon?
  9. Gurkhas did one in Hong Kong I recall.
  10. Those desk drawers are bloody dangerous, as is attendance at barbecues,
  11. The 2IC seems a bit of a spanker, however, your friend also admits that he is not a great performer.

    Your friend needs to arrest his downward slide. This will steal the thunder from the 2IC. I suggest he asks for a career interview with the CO 'having thought about my MYAPR sir' and explains to the CO that he wants to improve. During the interview, he should seek to set objective standards which can be measured by both him and the CO. If he acheives, and indeed excells in these objectives [and keeps his nose clean elsewhere] then he should get a fair OJAR.

    He could also try to have a face to face with the 2IC and try and clear the air - if this is unlikely to work, then his OC must protect him and give him opportunities to excell.

    It is a good idea to keep a record of what was said and when so you can come back to people [and it provides good ammo for a redress]

    At the end of the day, your friend is a Coy 2IC so he should have the experience to get a grip and resolve this.
  12. Back to the thread!

    Something similar happened to me many years ago with a CO who had it in for me and a couple of other chaps. The new reporting system does not allow someone to take a dislike to someone and grade them on personality. His MPAR should reflect his performance and potential, if it is graded because he is in "dispute" with the Regt 2IC then he has a case to mention this when going through his mid-year with the CO.

    The first port of call should be the OC followed by the CO in a formal interview with a witness if he thinks this could get nasty as it did in my case.

    If he is young enough to be able to handle a B- at this stage of his career then he should look to move on and recover in more friendly surroundings. This is what I did and that was 14 yrs ago - as a young officer it is possible to recover.

    Let me know in a PM or in public what type of unit he is in (combat / CS or CSS) as this will affect possible courses of action.
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  14. I suspect the CO is the type whose first question to newly arrived subbies is "where did you school?" and the 2IC is an arch-mediocrity who aspires to be something very important at the army school of hang-gliding (apologies to committed hang-gliders). Short answer to all this is life's too short for kno**ers who haven't got the common sense, decency or grip to treat officers of allability with a sense of even-handedness. If you belong to an organisation which has the time on its hands for this type of b***ocks (whilst many others are dodging molten hot metal and locking up nutters in TELICVILLE) then you have to ask yourself, is this the army you wanted to join?

    Tell your mate to move on to something better (in or outside) and if it's outside, he should give the 2IC a good slap in the 'boat race' as he regains his self- respect. :lol:

    Extreme I know, but your mate has wasted too much of his women chasing, bar propping years already I suspect!
  15. I gather that in civvie street this could be grounds for an action of Constructive Dismissal - I'm not sure if this can happen in the Army?