Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by deadmans_shoes, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. i have a guy that works for me that wouldn´t know the truth if it was on a basebll bat smacking him in the teeth, we call him BURGER KING as he likes his whoppers.
    i lost track of how to deal with him....
    any ideas.. in the new touchy feely army politically correct way?
    coz he is doing my head in ..

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  2. I think the baseball bat sounds a good idea. Flatten his whopper! Thaht will make him cry!
  3. The back of the MT + broom handle......a swift de-briefing of the situation........and say no more.

    sometimes it has to happen
  4. ahh, the old IBM (Incredible Bullshitting Man)
  5. what a bonus i just sacked him, he working in B shops now til posting :D
  6. stand him to attention,give him the thousand yard stare and quietly say'Liar,Liar your bum's on fire
  8. Deadmans_shoes, we've all met them and served with them. Whoppers/Elevenerifes/Bullshitters, call them what you will, the best plan it to catch them out and humiliate them in front of their mates.

    However - surely this isn'ty a blog - it's something that should be in the NAAFI Bar or somewhere.

    A Blog is the musings of ARRSE members, not to ask questions like this.