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Bullshit legal claims

BBC News - London Underground commuter wins £12,000 damages

Gentlemen I challenge you to beat this pathetic twat's attempt at fiddling the system.

A cyclist who was grabbed by an employee at a tube station ticket barrier has won nearly £12,000 in compensation.

Leib Spektor, 58, was the victim of "inappropriate force" when he passed through Canada Water Tube station, a High Court judge ruled on Friday.

But the judge rejected Mr Spektor's original claim for £1m damages.

He also rejected claims of thousands of pounds for a trip to Thailand, ready meals and loss of earnings.
'Excessive and exaggerated'

The cyclist sued London Underground (LU) after he claimed he was left "significantly disabled" following the February 2006 incident.

Mr Spektor was passing through barriers at Canada Water Tube station with his bike when a worker challenged him about the route he had taken.

When he failed to reply the LU worker forced him back and bent him over the barriers.

Mr Spektor, of Lewisham, south-east London, originally claimed £1m damages. The company offered him £18,000.

Deputy Judge Satinder Hunjan had previously ruled LU should compensate Mr Spektor for neck and back injuries and for an anxiety disorder which stopped him going out in the dark.

But on Friday the High Court judge decided his claims were "excessive and exaggerated" and awarded Mr Spektor £11,925.

The judge said Mr Spektor had a "significant" medical history and he had taken that into account when assessing compensation.
Thai massage

He suffered from disabling osteoarthritis and had not worked for 10 years, the judge said.

The judge rejected other claims including a "substantial amount" for a two-month trip to Thailand in January 2007 for "extensive massage" and £41,917 for ready meals.

He said Mr Spektor's GP suggested Thailand because it would be a good idea for him to go to a warm climate.

He added: "It involves, after injury of minor trauma, him travelling half the way around the world, incurring flight and hotel expenses and the cost of massage which, incidentally, is not supported by any direct medical evidence."

The judge also dismissed a "highly speculative" claim for £300,000 which allegedly represented a lost chance to develop game software for the flight industry.


War Hero
My fat useless cockstand of a work colleague is begging for the day he gets a brown letter and told to fuck off so he can cry career foul and bullying. Despite being a 10 year L/Cpl, fat, downgraded because of a knee injury even the phsyio has washed his hands of, and just being crap at his job and not to mention his shit hygiene...

The sad thing is he will most likely win a hefty pay out.
BBC News - London Underground commuter wins £12,000 damages

Gentlemen I challenge you to beat this pathetic twat's attempt at fiddling the system.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All Time

Others in my own experience:

1. Woman sues the police and the prosecutor for the alleged wrongful conviction on felony charges of her husband. Her homemade complaint demanded a million dollars and the return of her husband. She added that, for two million dollars, the defendants could keep her husband.

2. Couple "buys" a county road, sets up a toll both, sues the authorities for demolishing their toll both and arresting them on disorderly person charges.

3. Pro se female plaintiff, worker's compensation claim. Asked by the judge what was her disability, she explained that her employer stared at her pelvis, causing her to have multiple orgasms. Leading the female judge to remark "Gee, I wish I had that problem."

4. This one was reported in the Federal Supplement. I wished I'd saved it. Pro se plaintiff's lawsuit against Satan dismissed for failure to provide the United States Marshall with adequate instructions on how to serve the summons.

5. Jewish man sued his father for assault and battery. Consisting of failure to obtain his "informed consent" prior to circumcision. (Case dismissed on the basis of the Statute of Limitations.) (Reported in "Case and Comment.")

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