Bullshit detectors at the ready - Iranian embassy siege.

I know this is a long-shot, but I'll have a go...

A psychology lecturer in a University in North-West England. Jumps into very cold lakes that are half way up mountains. Once appeared (breifly) on a Ray Mears programme, but doesn't own a television.

Was he in the SAS?

P.S. I believe he was, others don't. Oh and if he reads this - how are you doc?


I hear that there was a very cold lake half-way along the balcony...
A story so shit you felt you needed to post it twice?

If you don't think your Prof is a death dealing wearer of flame resistant pants then why not walk up to him and shout Walt in his face?

I hope he sets fire to your face and puts it out with a golf shoe.

Wag Tail

I'm getting a strange sense of 'de-ja-vu'?
Don't tell me ... young Emma, whom you have admired from afar since freshers' week but sadly lacked the courage to make a move on, has decided to increase her chances of a first by 'gobbling for grades' - you are naturally miffed and seeking revenge on the good doc. Hmmmm ???

Go on then, I'll humour you. Are his initials L P or M J?

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