bulling shoes..

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by v+50, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. noticed my ones have peeled slightly from walking/bending at the point on your shoes your toes start. can these be salvaged by just re bulling. or is it a complete write off.
  2. Very dry soap mixed with Kiwi,,,,,,,excellent shine,,,,,till it rains : (
  3. Clean off the chips, re-bull, job done
  4. its peeled straight from the stitchin at the end of the toe caps about half a cm from here and about 3 cm long. if i bull will it not just constantly now remove the edges where it meets the raw base. really dont want to have to re do the whole toe cap again like.
  5. I always used Brasso for repairs. Dab a bit on your cloth whilst your bulling with kiwi and it will help make the damage less obvious whilst leaving a good shine. 20mins of hard work and you should be done.

    You're welcome.

  6. If its the new FADS shoes, burn the polish in, about 3 layers should do. Then bull again. Job jobbed. Don't do what one of my mates did, left them in the sunshine, sun melted all the polish off whilst soaking up all the oils from the polish into the leather. Never get them shiny again. Ha Ha
  7. Yep, use a hot spoon on the curling bits and then re-bull
  8. hi,my name is tony.i do soft wax bulling.if looked after ,it can last a long time.if you wish to know more,ring me on mobile 01754945208. it can also be repaired in SECONDS be for you bull it.
  9. i do the soft wax on fad shoes,that are brilliant after wards.if left in the sun,any polish or wax goes into the leather,in most cases you can still bull the shoes after they have been wax with soft wax.ring me on mobile 01754945208 for more info.
  10. Black Straw Hat dye is good.... Trouble is it tends to crack easily....