Bulling - Help a Poor Civilian

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Querelle, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. I am a civilian lawyer who sometimes defends soldiers in courts martial. I would appreciate any practical tips on bulling my shoes - getting married in a couple of months - father in law to be is a scary Brigadier - would quite like to have better toecaps than his. Any help gratefully received.
  2. Obtain from FiL-to-be a contact number for his bat-man, then ply said batty with alcohol.
  3. Check your PM inbox...
  4. Forget the toecaps Judge John, take pleasure out of looking in his face with your scuffed, unclean loafers and think to yourself....... 'she may be your little princess but, she's my little whore' and I don't need bulled shoes to scuttle her coal shed...... I obviously expect you to name the scary Brigadier in reply !
  5. To further discomfort the potential Brigadier in Law turn up on the wedding day wearing socks and waistcoat in his regimental colours, then loudly say "Yes, isn't it a wheeze, filthy combination - can't think WHO would wear this mess!"
  6. Wear runners

    show hm your not scared of him

    He will probabl respect you more for this

    thn for having a bulled toe cap on your shoes
  7. On the day you finally get a licence for back-scuttling his daughter, you can tell him that bulled toe-caps are only for Scottish regiments, to enable officers to check that the rank and file are parading correctly dressed, ie kilts but no shreddies.

    Tell him you heard it here.
  8. Nick his shoes the night before the wedding and wear them yourself - you can't lose :D
  9. Thanks guys - forgive me for not showing some of your posts to the little lady.