Bulling DMS Boots...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jennie, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. We have a medal parade coming up, and the other night, I found an old pair of new, unused DMs boots....

    Our Parade is in Number two's unfortuantely :-( esp in this weather/heat, (though they do look smart).

    are there any hints or tips on getting these boots to rall y shine. Within two hours, the toecaps and heets were looking rather good, though not immacualte.

    Additoanl polishing using Kiwi polish, the jwerey material (servette??) and two fingers, seems to have not made a diffeence!

    Can any one recoemnd anything to get them gleaming for future use?

  2. Purchase a floor cleaning product called "Clear" Normal outlets should do it.

    And as long as it doesnt rain you should be fine. apply clean with cotton wool for best effect.
  3. Buy a hot air gun from B&Q or a small nozzle flame a bit like the those chef thingies.

    Put a thick layer of polish on then use the flame or hot air gun to briskly melt the polish so it sets smooth. Allow to dry (5-10 mins) then repeat. After a few coats then use either a bulling rag or polish up with cotton wool and water.

    Gleaming :)
  4. Two pack polyeurethane Gloss yacht varnish.

    Brush polish as normal then apply this stuf.

    Perfect finish & you can play football in them (if you feel the need to play that god awful game).


  5. I think you could be having problems with the "dimpled" areas,or the uppers?...you'll need to smooth these down for best effect...as mentioned above, using the blow torch is probably the best...but take care...too much heat in any area can have the opposite effect and make the leather too dry and brittle and then it shrinks.Once you get rid of the dimples(up to the 5th eyelet) then carry on with what you've been doing on the toes and heels...if you don't have a blowtorch...try heating up a old spoon on a gaz cooker or something....and try not too burn your hands or something else!!! :wink:
  6. Get yourself upto the local industrial estate , find one of the SECURITY HUTS , bound to be some old boy with F all to do slip him a couple quid , Hey presto boots to die for , failing that,pull up a stool and some warm water in the lid of your tin of polish (KIWI) a yellow duster and plenty of elbow grease. that'll keep you out of trouble for a while, and you can solve all the worlds problems while at your at it
    :wink: :wink: :wink:
    p.s. clockwise on the right boot...anti clockwise on the left one
  7. What is all this deplorable chippy nonsense about Clear, yacht polish, etc.? It's a medal parade; a standard of dress is required, and you work at it - using the proper methods - until the standard is met.

    I daresay all those who'd put Clear on their boots for this parade would do the same for even more important occassions - Remembrance, the presentation of new colours, etc.

    Get a blowtorch, a tin of kiwi black, a lid of water and a sylvette and work at it like that nice sergeant instructor showed you all those years ago. That way you can be both well turned-out and proud that you didn't shirk the work and did things properly.
  8. Black Taxi and OldChap are absolutely right. All these instant-shine ideas belong to an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

    As they've said, Kiwi polish, water, sylvette (even a yellow cloth duster would do) and some cotton wool. And this playing with fire isnt even necessary if you have two hours of patience (one for each boot). And I'll bet my polish-polished boots would both outshine and outlive any lazy cadet-recruit polishing methods that are being suggested.

    So you'll be sat there for about half an hour with black fingers and boots covered in dull polish. Yes it does take a while, but you'll know you're getting there when the dullness starts to look 'oily', then leave the polish to dry for a few minutes, then get to work on it again with the cotton wool and water until you have that shine bright enough to satisfy a PTI's vanity. Repeat for even better results. Guaranteed method, no one ever believes it...
  9. A little bit of dark brown or dark blue polish at the end can help deepen the shine.
  10. Or even ox blood , polish that is not the real thing 8O
  11. I seem to remember doing a guard of honor for HM the Queen and our RSM running about dishing out clear. Any sack can waste his/her life bulling boots for no effect
  12. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Doesn't say a lot for your RSM, or the people on your parade.

    Anyway, when I did it there were no things like Clear, just patience, time, commitment and pride (and the Magic Circles).

    I'll take that pill now Matron zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wink:
  13. Why bother polishing when clear does the trick. I'm all for smart turn out and tradition but we need to get away from theis Bull 'shite' culture. As long as the boots look shiney who cares?
  14. What a weak and unmilitary attitude. Spending time preparing for parades demonstrates pride and commitment. Perhaps you would like a nice crimplene No2 dress and patent shoes, like the SPAMS?
  15. What a weak and unmilitary attitude my arrse! tell that to the blokes who have to wasted valuable drinking/shagging time doodling countless circles in polish and water. As for No2 dress, come on its not as if you ware it on a weekly basis, (Wooden tops excepted)