Bullied soldier loses legs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. That's just nasty
  2. Wonder what the charges will be... to nasty for words really.

  3. Christ, and the liberal fags in this country say that we have a bullying culture in the army? **** sakes....they need to be shown some examples of REAL bullying. Someone fwd that link to some left wing liberals/anti-army people will ya..
  4. They didn't notice until he got GANGRENE?!?! 8O How the feck is that bullying, thats GBH, or at least attempted murder!
  5. The Russians still have terrible problems with institutionalised bullying. With this bullying, they have series of initiation rites during their two year service through which the bullied becomes the bully. It is almost as if bullying is a recreational activity and the new soldier is enslaved to the older soldiers who are known as "grandfathers". The young soldier who got gangrene was probably too frightened to report his injuries because he feared getting another kicking.
  6. GBH?,my aunt who´d been a nurse for 40 odd years went to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport,in tears because her leg was giving her great pain,she was told to stop whining and not to waste their time.My father who´d been partially paralysed and half blinded by a stroke,told her to go back to the hospital as he could smell the gangrene;She had her leg amputated the next day,good old NHS!

    Back to Russia,this bullying has been going on for years, it´s amazing that it´s even got to the newspapers,a good sign that things are improving.However to compare our cases with theirs doesn´t help,bullying is wrong and doesn´t matter where it takes place.

    Officers and NCO´s,whose training techniques are so inadequate that they have to resort to bullying,should be thrown out,because they know it´s illegal;Soldiers who don´t try,or don´t respond to training should be warned and then thrown out,it´s a professional army, or supposed to be,not a nursery with wrist slapping.

    Bullying is simply wrong and should be stamped out,wherever it occurs.
  7. The last paragraph of the article makes for shocking reading as well!

    “According to official statistics, believed to be much understated, 25 teenagers died in the first half of 2004 as a result of bullying and more than 100 committed suicide”

    These figures are really staggering.
  8. That is shocking
  9. This theme is number 1 on Russian TV (story about British spies in Moscow is on 4-5th place). All TV-channels begin their news with this sad story these days.

    Btw, I mentioned this story previously


    What was the first reaction of Russian minister of defence (Sergei Ivanov)?

    On question of journalists he said that he knows nothing but he doesn't belive that it is something serious (because in this case he would be informed).

    Generals and officers tried to hide the story almost 3 weeks.

    Putin (as ever) keeps silence. However, top generals say that all who are guilty will be severely punished. But poor lad (his life is still in danger) is an invalid forever. For WHAT? American invalid-soldiers can at least say that they suffered for freedom of Iraqi peaople.

    I repeat Russian army is too far from British standards.
  10. It makes you wonder why on earth any russian wants to join the army!
  11. Conscripition.......

  12. This is so sad it makes you think what goes on behind closed doors
  13. There are many regiments, military high schools, other places where an atmosphere of military brotherhood exist. Recently I watched a programme on TV about paras military high schools in Ryazan. There are so many lads who dream to study there that number of places is much lower than number of pretenders.

    However, in many regiments bulling exists. It is a very serious problem.
  14. There was a programme on channel 4 a few months ago about Russian conscripts. A lot of hidden camera footage of recruits been "roundhoused" by the "grandfathers" and if they were dropped another grandfather would perform the same stunt. Made for disturbing watching, especially when most of the recruits they were following were slaughtered in Chechnya a few months later.