Bullets To Boardroom

Hi guys,

I thought I would let the book club know about a new book that has just come out, which will be featuring in the soldier magazine soon.
Its called Bullets To Boardroom and its an inspiring read. People have said its great as they can relate to it.

Its a true story on how a soldier who was a sandhurst instructor and commando trained who gained his rank of a sergeant major at the age of 27. The book tells a great story on the transitions he made on taking the gamble having refused extended service to setting up in business. Having made his fortunes in the short space of 6/7 years having a near 2000 number of staff working for him at the London 2012 Olympic Games, it shows with a little grit and determination anything is possible. He unleashes his experiences on being a Director at a Professional Football Club and its a read you will thoroughly enjoy.

They do free delivery on their website and a personal message/signature from the author at Bullets to Boardroom | Tony Knights

Its also on Amazon Kindle for the eBook - Bullets to Boardroom eBook: Tony Knights: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Worth a read, and they are on Facebook and have quite an active page with some cool photos and competitions.... - https://www.facebook.com/bulletstoboardroom



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This book has just gone out for review and hopefully that review will be up in a few days time.

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