Bullets in the Post

For those who haven't heard about this yet, here's a link to BBC's take:

BBC News - Bullets in the post 'very disappointing'

Packages were sent from County Antrim containing bullets, two Glasgow Celtic players and their managers have received them and responded with criticism at the act. I don't throw this post up to discuss the merit of Rangers vs Celtic or to talk about sectarianism.

Worried if this is a sign of impending trouble via NI or just some stupid football fan trying to make the news.

Almost certainly just some Mong poof-ball fan; Lennon's had death threats in the past.

Anyway, the ex-terrorists in NI are far too busy selling drugs etc to start brassing up Wendy-ball players in Scotland.
All Loyalist paramilitaries have denied it. Just some cockhead that is still smarting from Rangers getting beat.
Bet they send the gun next to show they re serious...
I couldn't hear the video properly as I'm at work. Does it say whether the rounds are live or inerts? I only ask as it happened to a friend of mine a few years back. He rang the police but I live local so popped round after telling him not to touch them. They turned out to be inerts with used primers that you can buy easily off the net. The police did their bit but he never heard anything else and never got anymore threats.
Some people take their sports FAR to fuckin seriously.
No one ever sends me bullets in the post. I have to buy my own ones.
Clearly the would be assasin is not imbued with high levels of intellect.

Bullets work best if delivered via the medium of a gun. Delivery by Royal Mail rarely provides sufficient velocity to achieve noticeable terminal kinetic effect.


It's been alleged that these bullets were sent from my neck of the woods.... knowing my area I doubt even the local red hand lukes are this stupid. There are a high proportion of throbber mongs kicking about though, real sandwich short of a picnic types.... a few years back a lad in a Northern Ireland shirt was subjected to verbal abuse from some complete retard who thought it was a "fenian team" just because the strip happens to be green.

I'd say this is just some mongtard trying to be clever.
No worse than the RAF dropping leaflets on Germany in 1940 telling the Hun to stop being nasty - kept the boxheads in toilet paper for years, I believe.
InTIMidation is bad.

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