Bulldozers ready to destroy Deepcut Barracks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. from today's Sunday Telegraph. A BAFF rep spoke on this issue this morning on Radio 5 Live. BAFF in the news

  2. Attended courses there at the School of Clerical Training RAOC back in the 1980s. It was an utterly depressing place then, stuck in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Whatever it's improvements following the deaths of those young soldiers, no matter how good it's training regime now is, Deepcut it cut deeply into the public psyche as epitomising the more unedifying and unsavoury aspects of military life as perceived by the public and it is probably better that it is bulldozed over and forgotten, except, perhaps, for a small memorial left there in memory of those who died in that place.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Where would training be held after it closes?
  5. And again:

    Scotland on Sunday.

  6. Training would be undertaken at local colleges and delivered by private contractors. Recruits would be expected to live in empty nearby council flats and use public transport to college. In their spare time they would be expected to repair these council flats and bring them up to a standard for Asylum seekers and vagrants.

    It's a massive cost saving exercise for the MoD & local councils benefit.

    In the evening recruits will be able to organise 5 a side football & other past times with local young adults their own age.

    There will be a mandatory no alcohol ban in these flats & CCTV fitted to the local Wetherspoons to ensure that the recruits behave themselves.
  7. That would be funny if half of your statement weren't capable of coming true. :cry:
  8. My personal take on this is that building land is the most valueable in the South of England, especially in places like Surrey. Easiest option for the Liabor Government of the day is to order a training review and lo and behold and surprise, surprise, sell of valuable assets and re-locate training where needed to the North of the Watford Gap/Wales/Scotland.
    An extra bonus as far as the government is concerned is any relocations will in all probability be made to Liabour marginal seats/strongholds.
    They have sold off most what they can in the Capitol so must look ouside the Metropolitan area.
  9. At least we'll be able to get a cheap pint when we visit the depot!
  10. What! You mean Loggies are trained :omg:
  11. Government can't be bothered to defend the very many fine instructors who have had the misfortune to be posted there.

    Huge financial gain by re-classifying land as residential and selling it to highest bidder.

    Send it all to labour heartland of S Wales - gain votes

    Win, win , win
  12. my sis walked out after a short while of training, she said it had a weird haunting feel
  13. probably just as well she walked out then :roll:
  14. Not if sodexho are running the facilities
  15. From talking to a couple of loggies Leconsfield is favourite.