Bulldozers in Woolwich

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Harry_Webster, Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. An interesting article in the paper that reads Prescott has shortlisted Woolwich Bks as prime building land, So that myth of the Blue red Blue swaggering up and down the square dosnt seem likely!, sad to loose the heritage but not the local culture!
  2. what will happen to the firepower museum ?
  3. More to the point, I thought that the main frontage of the Bks was a listed building? Is that going as well?
  4. I had the misfortune of visiting Woolwich the other day but I heard some news from the big badge man that 16 Regt will be vacating the barracks in 2006. The decision of what to do with the real estate and who gets it is still ongoing.

    Shame really as the buildings there are extremely impressive and it's the spiritual home of the gunners after all but once you set foot out of those wondrous surroundings you might as well be drinking with "Big Grace" whilst propping up the bar in the "Riverside" Nanyuki.
  5. Harry....how many times has this thread been regurgitated? Which paper? Sorry, not having a go at you, 'cos I'm guessing you are a fellow Gunner, but it's nice to have something to read about, whether it's bollox or correct. What are they saying??

    Also, on the basis that the 2012 Olympics bid has named Woolwich Barracks (or surrounding common) as the venue for the shooting event, is the article mis-informed about the Barracks being bulldozed, rather than being rebuilt as a state of the art accomodation complex for competitors during the games, then returned to the army for business as usual?

    More info please mate!
  6. Oh, by the way, has there been anything said about "The Dell" being the venue of the swimming events???

  7. Different site - the old Arsenal down the hill. There is a long thread about it in the Gunners forum.

    On another point, the Common was a range at one time, was it not.
  8. No dramas mate yes I am a Gunner and we still can be friends, The article headlined"Prescotts bulldozers set sights on Gunners" was in the Telegraph page 9 on monday nov 15th, and before you ask what I was doing reading the telegraph I was helping out a house bound neighbour by taking her papers for recycling........ maybe not my old man sent it to me. There are a couple of issues for example the MOD refused to comment and that the sites heritage would be protected. The site will be vacated in 4 years.

    As for shooting location I dont belive they have an event for automatic weapons? maybe they will consider other events are more suitable.

    As for the Firepower Mueseum nothing heard all quite in the arssenal !
  9. New update for Apr 06, Alot has happened over the last two years,Firstly- Yes the Regiment is leaving Woolwich Summer 07..Destination as yet undecided by the powers that be in there ivory towers in Whitehall-Secondly as for the Bulldozers not quite that drastic, the accommadation blocks do need modernising to accommadate the incomming Troops in summer 07, but apart from that most of the buildings are Grade one listed so cannot be structurely modified in any way etc. Thirdly- The playing fields in front of the South Arch, i believe will be utilised for Small bore shooting and maybe archery. :lol:
  10. well ladies and gents, as im posted in woolwich with sunny 16 we are moving to either thorney island of north luffenham next year. we have been told that the front of the officers, wo and sgts and indeed the south arch are listed. This has however not stopped them flattening the old arsenal site and indeed the acedemy that is now about to recive the chop. is there no justice ? :roll:
  11. Not too sure myself, but my farther worked there after serving something like 15 odd years in the artillery. I loved the place :)
    Not been there for years [over 15, must be my now :) ], do they still have the huge [or what I thought was huge when I was like 7/8 years old] plane stuck in the forecourt?