Bull Shitein- WTF do i do?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by REFieldy, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. boyz-
    got a gen up mind fuk here- wat the hell do i do????

    i was in the uk having a bevvy when a jumped up civvy decided to gob off- blah blah blah... then said "my m8 is a a gaurdsman... blah blah blah... the gaurdsman started to kick off until i introduced myself as a member of the corps- ironically at that point it stopped and then proceded to.... "one of my lads joined the RE and he was a cock, his name is xxxxxxxxx. After confirmation this bloke happens to be in my troop- (small world!). I explain what he has done and how he is doing and then find out this CNUT HAS NOT done the inf gaurds courses he claims to have done! HIS excuse on promotion is "the paperwork was lost".
    To ensure this was not just sour grapes, i was given the OLD CSM's No and the current CSM's number (his ex stripey), (plus other members of his platoon). This ex Gaurd has bullshitted his way into his current rank when joining the corps. He has not done his JCC's as he has done Brecon but neither his old blokes nor Brecon have any record of this Scottish idiot doing the course.
    The problem here is a lying twat has claimed he has done courses that he has not done, thus alevating himself of a burden, but is VERY well liked by the troop management and was picked up on the OC's CR. The fact that they went on his word can drop this OC in a world of pain, and the fact if highlighted to the sqn, will get swept under the carpet. The troop management will NOT listen as he is the apple in their eye but if i say something and it comes back to me and they try and sweep it up, can fcuk me up?
    WTF do i do? Where do i go? Whom do i speak to? Who would be willing to fcuk over their Sqn/Regt and individuals within it for promoting a lying, koksuking idiot. Or do i keep my mouth shut and ignore this like i am sure people would want me to.

    any sensible advice would be gratefully recieved as i have been sitting on this for about a month now and it is eating the hell out of me. :confused:
  2. Have a quiet word 'mano -et - mano' with the soldier concerned, explain that previous service is held on unicom, say that you know there is some irregularities with his previous 'claimed' service. Put pressure on him to fess up to Tp managment or you will do it for him. That or live with it - it wont affect your career, if all and sundry in the managment chain think the sun shines out of his ARRSE then he must be displaying the characteristics required of his current rank.
  3. tough choice mate.

    you will be out of there soon BUT the cnut should not get away with being a lying bullsh1tting bar-steward either.

    good luck.

  4. Give his old badge a ring and see if you can confirm what these blokes are saying, if it is true and not sour grapes then have a quick word with the bloke, dropping in the the chat that you have bumped into some of his ex mates and what they have said, if he turns a funny colour then suggest that he comes clean to the troop management, failing that have a chat with one of you Sqn clerks and ask him to check what is on UNIMONG, as surely the CR cannot be written without referring to the blokes info. Then drop the fecker in the sh1t with some carefully chosen words dropped in to a conversation with the Troop Staffy.
    Lets hope the fecker gets found out, if of course the info is true.

  5. What a cnut for lying in the first place! Drop him in it. Speak to his old CSM, explain the problem and get the old CSM to speak to your badge. Problem sorted, bullshi'iting cnut gets deselected!
  6. I would ask the old CSM to get his chief clerk to send his current CC a letter saying that they have had a request for confirmation of courses attended whilst serving in his Guards Unit....and to reply saying what courses he has done and those he HAS NOT.....

    A bit underhand but the information will be exchanged then the powers that be can do something about it! or not!

    Failing that, do it the Training Regt way, drop the effer in the sh1t!
  7. Get the gen - then decide on your level of integrity.
    (blackmail is a nasty word!)
  8. I found out something quite interesting the other day (slightly off-topic). You can only be arrested for blackmail if it's for financial gain!!
  9. what if you are a black male blackmailing another black male [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. No, well for example if you knew a married bird that had been having it off with a another bloke, if you threatened that bird by telling her husband that she's cheating UNLESS she sucked you off on a daily basis. You cannot be nicked for blackmail because it does not involve financial gain!!

    However you might be nicked for something else.
  11. As you must know by now, if some t$#t decides to play walter mitty, or just plain bullsh*ts, there's always somebody close at hand that knows more than him/her, and usually knows about the person lying through their teeth.
    console yourself that these idiots ALWAYS fall foul of their own rubbish ( it may take time), but take it from one who knows there is no mileage in getting wound up about it/them. If of course they do something that directly affects you or a mucker, then quiet words can be had, liars and cheats are ALWAYS cowards. Keep your own personal pride close at hand, and take solace in the fact that if you've done your time the right way with proper effort withouting pooping on others, then you're a hundred times the greater man and Soldier for that. I personally would do nothing and let the plonker fall on his own sword.
    All the best, just watch and enjoy the fallout!!
  12. The CC to CC idea is a good one.

    They can then process the tw@, who'll end up having a chat to my old mob.

    Obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception, is the proper criminal offence,

    I was a Fed for too long to bother with the Army Act transgressions, but he'll have committed a few of those too.
  13. thanks boyz- at the mo i am thinking of doing the old CSM to CC thing going via Brecon- one thing i failed to mention on the first thread is this cnut is goin on his sect bananas at the end of the year as he is looking at his first look when he shouldn't be wearing his second. The lad is a knooob,no qualms there, but i would never shit on another unless there were strong mitegating circumstances. this dik has, to me, broken corps morals and although knocker is right, i am leaving here soon, i can't help but feel that he has broken Honesty, Trust and Integrity. He has no selfless commitment as he is willing to fcuk over other blokes who tell the truth or at least do the courses and if this does come to light then it will damage the troops trust. :frustrated: :pissedoff: :frustrated: :pissedoff:
  14. Hang on a mo is he actually a c0ck though?

    Or is he a decent bloke who knows what he's doing, gets the job done and is respected (to a degree obviously) by the boys whom he ranks over?

    If he is an arrselicking backstabbing fecker drop him in the sh0ite and fast, if he is however a decent bloke, what harm has he actually done by bluffing his way past the seniors and gentlemen hofficers, who should have know better than just take his word!!

    unless its just jealousy 'cos he hasn't done this or that and you have and you feel grieved about it!!
  15. geo mate- i wish this were the case- if only i were a jealous cnut then this thread would be pointless- no mate- this idiot is an ex infantry autocratic idiot who talks to people like they are building an MGB every minute of the day- the bloke has no probs with me and does not dare speak to me that way- hence the problem, but he does speak to the boyz that way (no matter how we try and get him out of it). i have spoken to someone tonight (CSM) who is willing to write a statement on the 'no breacon' part, but it is not gonna help that the bloke has LIED- good or not, he has broken the trust. The question is, do i fcuk this lad over AND a very respectable person that TRUSTED his word within our own 'IN HOUSE' values????- if one bloke gets caught- so does the other. FCUK ME moral courage and all that- i am about to do right against one but fcuk over the other poor innocent bloke at the same time!