Bull Fighting an Awesome sight !!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Serves them right. feckers.
  2. Saw this last night - awesome!! The damn bull should be on their Olympic team jumping like that.

    I bet there were a lot of arrses doing their best rabbit nose impressions!
  3. If you watch the footage till the end, they are mentioning that the bull has been put down the same day! If there was medals for bulls, he'd deserve one.
  4. Hahahahaahahahaha serves the sick bastards right. No Problems killing Animals as lets face it, they're Meatilicious. But no need to torment them 1st.
  5. a lovely sight indeed-serves anyone right for such a hideous "sport"
  6. Pity the bull didn't 'off' a load of the sick bastards, would have loved it to turn into a fucking disaster. Would have been a bonus if the Stadium had have collapsed on them as well.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It was a marvelous leap though wasn't it? That's pretty impressive for something that literally weighs a ton. On the other hand, once it got into the stands, it was like a bull in a stupid shop.

    I'd say a medal too, posthumously.
  8. Indeed a nice visual.
  9. I'd say the red t-shirt was, on reflection, a mistake.

    I can't find this pic without the annoying caption:

  10. Awesome, smash those Spanish bastards!
  11. i saw it on the news last night and thought that will teach em to watch it ha ha!
    but was quite gutted when they said it was destroyed later! for a payback display like that they could have at least let the fooker live!
  12. No sympatico for the "gallant" toreador.
  13. I thought sports had to be fair? If the Bull kills the man with the rag, they all kill the bull, If the bull escapes, They Kill the bull, If the Bull looses the man with the rag kills the bull. So how can it be a sport?

    i want a beef burger.
  14. Fantastic, put a statue up to that "toro" love the way all of the macho heroes in the crowd did a runner,still laughing