Bull eyes!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Xhosaboy69, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Hello!!!

    Just a quick one.
    my right eye is +0.50/-0.25x180 (6/5)
    Left eye is +1.50/-0.50x10 (6/60)

    I would like to know i could still join the BRITISH ARMY!!!!.
    They cant do anything to better my left eye its REFRACTIVE AMBLYOPIA.

  2. No, try the Salvation Army.
  3. Please use the search function
  4. Get one of these. It will help you find your way to ACIO and when they fuck you off you can give them a damn good beating with it.

    Win Win

    White Stick .jpg
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  5. That's fucking nice, innit. The cunt's blind...
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  6. That's what too much meat-beating gets you. Just saying like.
  7. He probably won't be enlisting into the Royal Observer Corps....
  8. gaan naai jou ma se poes kaffer, i meet requirements aided 6/36. thanks for the spam addresses.
  9. in that case maybe this will assist.

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  10. He's praating de Taal, the doos.

    Listen, boetie - if you can't see well enough to post this in the right forum, I suspect you can't see well enough to join up.