Bulking up (ish) without use of a Gym

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Birdy, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Alrite fella's looking to join the Police but I want to get a bigger build.
    I'm not too keen on going down the Gym because haven't got the time to travel to be honest.
    Anyone in the know can tell me kind of food I should be eating.
    Looking at upper and lower body.
    State I'm at the moment I probably wouldnt pass RSC so at basic fitness level but lookin for getting a bigger build that stamina
  2. So what do you want, Birdy, a formula whereby you don't move off your sofa and still gain strength and bulk? If you'd said you want to get into the British Army, I'd have PMd you with a whole list of stuff, but because you want to join the Old Bill but you're too comfortable to strain your arrse to do anything, you can get pherked! I hope you fail, because there are enough wasters like you in the Old Bill.

  3. Going by the average plod out there, try eating burgers, chips and Pizza's Family Size 5 or 6 times a day washed down with a couple of yellow handbags... Try this for 3 - 5 weeks and you should be pretty much spot on with the required size/shape/fitness level to pass with flying colours ;)
  4. Do you mean the Royal Military Police or as normal bobby?
  5. Normal Bobby already been in the Army (infantry) but I wasn't no PTI.
    I not too bothered about stamina because always been naturally fit as such.
    Just need to know what kind of food I should be eating and the rite type of exercises for bulking up I do press ups but they exactly bulk you up.
  6. LMAO what a twonk.
    Oh yea like the rest of the coppers who spend their life in further education and have no life experience.
    Yea I forgot going Infantry meant I sat on me arse all the time get a grip fella
  7. Er Donuts? Tried and tested by most police farces.
  8. You'll be licking my brown doughnut if I don't get a decent reply
  9. Pies. BBC and Poppy swaer by them. Big Liz the Nurse is on the Sauage Roll diet.
  10. Bin all the processed food in your fridge and eat ...... healthy food. Avoid any thing with hydroginated fat in it as the human body can not break these down easly.
    To build muscle mass you must break the muscle and let it rebuild - think of scare tissue. Protien shakes are ok, but only after you have had a hard work out as they help repair the muscle. Sorry no short cut!
  11. Ignore him. Pies are the answer.
  12. Here is your work out plan.
    Go to Iceland (they have lots of lovely salt and fat in their pies).
    Get a multi pack of Fat G!t pie in each hand and do curls as you run around the aisles. You should work up a good sweat while being chased by the store security :lol:
  13. Nearly all the Police Forces in England use the same fitness criteria. It is currently set at the most basic level and all but the very weediest girls should pass without bothering to train. You only need to reach level 5.4 on the 15 meter shuttle run (bleep test).

    Check on your Force's website and on www.policecouldyou.co.uk for the exact requirements. Then, if you have doubts and don't want to fail it at your first attempt, book one gym session with a personal trainer to find out if you're fit enough.

    If you just want to bulk up to impress your clients, steroids are legal. Read up on the side effects first, I guarantee they will put you off.
  14. Start with the basics.


    Pressups, Tricep dips, Crunches and some aerobic activity for a minimum of 20mins a day.
    Use body weight ex before going to do weights at the gym.


    Fresh veg, Lean chicken, Tuna. Fruit.

    Avoid Cheese, processed foods (even low fat) Sugar drinks etc

    Aim for about 2 litres of water a day. More when training.

    You can eat most meals but cut out the hidden or obvious fat.

    PM me if you want any more info.
  15. Lots of protein - fresh food chicken, tuna, steaks,pasta,potato.

    You don't have to visit a gym to work out - do some body weight excercises (chins, pressups,situps,squats etc).

    Boost your testosterone levels (and by default muscle mass) with a Tribulus and ZMA stack - available at most healthfood shops.

    Also you might try Colostrum which contains Growth Factor and other strength increasing nutrients, available @ www.neovite.com