Bulking up and losing stomach fat?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jemshads, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. I workout every other day and have a pretty good diet. Im about start using Monster Mass because i want increase muscle size. On the days i workout i like to do 20-30 min cardio first and then weighted ab workout for about 10 min then i start lifting. Out of the four days i workout each week i focus one day on nothing but cardio and abs. Could this help lose me lose stomach fat but as well gain muscle?
  2. Do some sit ups idle Jack and forget the supplement and eat healthily.
  3. Monster Mass is a weight gain supplement. If you want to lose weight you're better off using whey protein. It's also impossible to just lose fat off your stomach. You lose it all over and your waistline shrinks.
  4. Firstly you cannot spot reduce fat from one specific area just by training that body part, ie situps. Secondly, unless extremely conditioned my proffessional advice is to stear clear of weighted abdominal work, and situps. Occasionaly perform situps to make sure you are still capabale of hitting the required amount on a fitness test, but situps in themselfs are simply a sh** abdominal excercise when your looking at them on a benefit vs risk (low back injury) scale - Theres plenty of literiture out there that now supports the beleif that traditional situps, and flexsion based excercises simply stress the spine and its various structures too much in comparision to plenty of other excersises..
    The abdomen is not designed to create large ranges of movement throughout the torso, its main purpose is to resist,not create movement. So isometric and anti rotational excercises are best, look online and youll find plenty of plank variations, even things like pressups with hands on med balls and 1 leg raised will be far more functional in providing abdominal control and reducing stress/injury rates.

    Suppliments are fine but just because something is designed to aid with muscle growth, does not mean it will be compatible with losing weight. If the suppliment (shake i presume) is increasing your calorie intake too much, it dosnt matter what its doing to your muscles in terms of growth, you will still potentially gain fat.

    Its very difficult to gain large amounts of muscle whilst losing fat, so try and focus on one thing at a time, with diet being key over anything else.
  5. Its nigh on impossible to cut down and bulk up at the same time. You might get rid of some of the weight by doing HIIT (google it) and cardio alongside a weights program but my advice would be to cut down first & then bulk up after. There is actually a good program in this months Muscle & Fitness which may help.
    Varying your weights and including cardio inbetween sets will keep your heart rate up and should help to burn fat. Try to mix up your weight/reps in each set too. For example, 60kg benchpress x10 reps, 90kg x 4reps and finish with 50kg x 20 reps.

    Diet also plays a massive factor. I would say that rather than looking at your calorie intake you should keep an eye on your carb intake. If you can do 2 days a week where you have next to no carbs, I bet you will see a difference in no time. I have found that eating protein (in the non Jarrod gnyap gnyap way) for breakfast has kept me feeling fuller throughout the day. I have a large omelette with ham or chorizo and that seems to do the trick.

    Like Fally said, avoid the weight gain supplement, it will just be stacked with carbs and weight loss will be hard to come by. Look for Whey Isolate protein and a good quality one at that. Also you may just want to get something like Thermobol or Grenade just to help you along. Be careful with these though, they can be hard to get on with and tend to give me real bad headaches if I do strenuous cv (and is worse again if its hot). Take lots of water with it!
  6. For a professional, you want to learn how to spell or at least use a ******* spellchecker, before putting finger to keyboard!

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  7. While tubby is sat online he could be doing sit ups.
  8. If you try to bulk up while you're still fat you'll just look fatter. Shift the weight first, then bulk up. And avoid the supplements, most of them do nothing that decent food can't.
  9. have lipo suction or if you cant afford that colonic irrigation.
    not that i have had either but CI gets all the shit out, so to speak!
  10. If a fatty performs cardio and a weights routine in conjunction with a healthy diet he'll lose body fat and gain some muscle. No need to lose body fat first. Whey protein is a good call especially first thing post workout.
  11. Whey protein is an exception, even though I prefer milk, but what I meant is that if he starts taking this weight-gain formula (and trains properly) he'll gain muscle as well as fat, same as a bodybuilder on a bulking cycle would do.
  12. Not necessarily. It all depends on his calorie input compared to his calorie output. If he burns more calories than he consumes, whether on weight gain shite or not he'll not get fat. It'll also be much harder to gain muscle though but can be done if he's carrying a lot of body fat.
  13. Cheers for the input pal, clearly your wealth of clinical based knowledge regarding training and sports performance/injury assesment and treatment is far superior to mine, so go ahead and give the lad some solid advice. If your that fussed about a few spelling mistakes i made whilst quickly trying to get across some infomation, then you need to get a past-time!
  14. Not a fan of weight gain supplements they are really for skinny types who have trouble putting on quality weight as has been said above a good whey protein or possibly a good blend ( ie whey ,egg albumen,casein ) would be a better bet.
  15. Yeah you can do both the things at the same time,But a little more effort is necessary.Important thing is to maintain your diet and keeping yourself physically active because this is something required for this purpose.Eat clean food avoid unnecessary fats.Keep yourself busy.