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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ITMatt, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I need to put on a little weight for ADSC, so I've been eating a little more each day, whilst maintaining a reasonable fitness programme.

    I'm concerned that I may not be doing this right. I've been advised that I need to eat at least 3,500kcal per day. Does it matter if I eat most of this in the evening before bed, as this is the only time I really get to eat?

    As an example, I didn't eat much yesterday through the day, so when I got home, I have a 4 chicken grills in wraps, two bowls of oats, two yogurts with why protein and some pears about two hours before bed.

    Last thing I want to be doing is turning up to ADSC as a fat blob.


  2. Get yourself down Greggs.
  3. High protein such as white meat(chicken, fish). Try to eat at regular times and include plenty of fruit and veg.

    A good weight training routine will help - muscle is twice as heavy as fat - but it depends on how long you have before starting ADSC.

    Good luck.
  4. Or



    It doesn´t sound like you are doing too badly. Don´t do this muscle gain stuff. Just eat healthily, if a little more than usual, and keep the fitness programe going.

    Couple of weeks on Army stodge will sort you out anyway.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Try turning 40...does it for most of us....
  6. Eat regularly - having one big meal a day is pointless as you'll just p1ss all the excess protein out and the load of carbs will go to fat. 6 meals a day is the way forward. 6 meals at 600 cal each will get you to your calorific goal but remember that you have to be doing an appropriate level of exercise to stop this just being laid down as fat. Try to get as much protein as possible (i.e. get your calories from meat/pulses/protein shakes rather than cakes - stands to reason really).

    Weight gain supplements can help a lot as preparing 6 meals a day can be very time consuming - breakfast, lunch and dinner as usual with a shake between meals and before bed works well.
  7. More reps with the fork
  8. Not ideal. No excuses for not eating throughout the day. Civvie law requires certain amounts of rest/breaks through a working day. Eat.
  9. Rofl! Well done that man.
  10. Eating food before bed is a bad idea. Have small meals (Balanced with carbs and protein) throughout the day ideally every three hours.
  11. Why, exactly?
    Slow-release carbohydrate and protein (e.g. casein based/milk blend protein plus oats) before bed will ensure a steady supply of energy and protein during the long fast while asleep and maximise healing/recovery. You heal quickest while asleep and to deny your body any sustenance during this period is pretty self-defeating, especially as you're going to such lengths to keep it supplied adequately during waking hours.
  12. 20 year bender consuming mainly Stella and Wobbly.

    Worked wonders for me
  13. You certainly don't want to be eating many carbs close to bed as the chances are they will be stored as fat-unless I'm working out late I cut carbs 6 hours before and rely on fats. Try getting in 6-8 meals a day, with about a 40/30/30 split on protein, carbs and fats. Generally, if you are trying to build muscle, you want to be talking in around 1 to 1.5g/kg of bodyweight.
    Also, what are your current stats and are you working out solidly?
  14. 2 raw eggs with a bit of milk straight after a workout is great for protein. Egg is made of the highest quality protein, and will be a priority for your body to use. Also, a pint of guinness a day will help bulk you up I've heard (y)
  15. Albumin isn't the best for muscle building and lacks certain necessary amino acids. Better to use a quality protein supplement which is designed for that purpose, along with a balanced diet.