Bulger Killer Jon Venables Released from Prison

Just read this on the BBC News Page, any takers on how long the fiker will be out this time before he is locked up again ??
Hopefully by the end of the day, bet the bugger is stroking the salami to pictures of children as we speak.

His fourth new identity...
Wasn't his original sentence life? Given his repeated reoffending, I'm surprised they keep letting him out.

Perhaps someone in the criminal justice system has taken a great dislike to him, and is hoping that he'll be clocked (or perhaps mistaken for a paediatrician) by some Sun reader somewhere, and burned alive in a 20' wicker phallus.
Non-story, he's done his bird, once he's cracked his less than salubrious internet activities he should be afforded continued resources and protection. Or are all the polyester slacks wearing arrse Brigade still advocating one rule for one and one for the other?
He's been banged up once for a crime of unspeakable barbarity, and has been picked up for interests and behavior thought to be 'unsocialable' by right thinking people.

If he can pretend to be a 35yo woman who has abused her child, could he not pretend to be something else... and abuse a child?

Why isn't he in Broadmoor?

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