Bulgarian police arrest "British solider"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by horse_guard, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. I was in Sofia in July this year and certainly wouldn't want to be held
    by the police there.

    There are some rough parts and you could get into trouble if you do not keep your wits about you.

    Certainly not the kind of place to shout your mouth off. Keep your head on and the people are very friendly and helpful.
  3. It seems he had an "Attractive woman" with him. Definately not BritFor then. Hows he going to talk a fit bird into licking his ring in a Bulgarian Bus stop.

    Have any of you ever met an Australian in the British Army? I haven't although i'm led to believe they are popular with "Them".
  4. I have met a couple over the years, but not as many as those from other countries; like Scotland, perhaps. :twisted:

  5. I've met a few scottish lads. Not that many compared to, Figian Chaps.
  6. Yep; there is one I know serving in a sandy hilly place as we speak - not SF, either.
  7. When I was a STAB I did my CIC with one.
    Nice lad too, until he started turning into a bit of a tit towards the end.
  8. I went on a course once with a guy from New Zealand.

    Not Australia I know but close enough
  9. I agree with B_49_E lively country at the best of times, especially if you let 'em know your British!
  10. Knew an Aussie guy when I mobilised in 2000 for Bosnia, went by the name of Ozzy. Said he had been in inf back home and joined the TA when he got to UK.
  11. Met a New Zealander but no Aussies.
  12. We used to call one of our Aussies "Tex" for some reason.
  13. I've been in a few walkabout bars if that helps?
  14. met loads of fijians, plus one south african -my best mate steve, but never seen an aussie. the fijiians were all nice blokes.

    oh and a couple of ghurkas who i was in hospital in CMH. the dr was asking them about their diet. one said "i dont like eating cats" with the other nodding furiously in agreement. i was in hysterics. most people who know me say i still am!

    back on the topic - i read an article the other day about foreign nationals and it mentioned a "few" aussies in the mob. bravo two zero apparently had an aussie and a kiwi, so who knows, the story may have some truth.