Discussion in 'REME' started by soldier2uk, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Just looking for our summer holiday 2007 for myself and wife very intrested in bulgaria anyone been or got any recomendations cheers
  2. I've been - t'was ok. Sofia was very, very cheap - a substantial meal of 5 courses cost six of us about 30 quid. Although I prefered Romania, may be worth considering there?
  3. i went for 2 weeks all inclusive this year, Elinite near to sunny beach. had a good 2 weeks, its not as cheap as you think, but if you get out of the resorts price comes down a fair bit. lots of people trying to sell you apartments, a lot of very attractive women (i was with the missus :x ) but its worth the trip.

    overall i enjoyed it, good weather too.
  4. Went to helios beach in obzor last year, its like Pristina without the good bits, couldn't wait to get home and felt I should have had LSSA for my time, absolute sh1thole!!!!!!!! Rant complete green flag please 8O