Discussion in 'Travel' started by scruff_2, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Going on holiday to Bulgaria at the end of May. I know the currency is the Lev but do the shops etc in the tourist areas take the euro.

    Went to Turkey last year anad changed my euros to Lira only to find that everyone had their prices in euros, think we lost quite a bit on the exchange.
  2. Depends where you go. Petrol stations and rip-off restaurants take Euros.

    Much better is to take your credit or debit card and simply use a cashpoint: most likely your bank will give you a better exchange rate than 90% of bureau du change.
  3. When i went...Pomorie hotel was very clean and in a great location as its nt to close to the main strip but the only thing that was bad about it was the little bagger boy that always hanging around the hotel want money and if you didn't give him this he would kick u i must say this was very entertaining to watch at night with a drink. the pool bar was good overall holiday was good.
  4. Just use the local currency, as Dread has mentioned.
  5. And never change your money at the hotel. Dick Turpin was more honest.
  6. I have been to Bulgaria, but only Sunny Beach, about two yaers ago and Im 99% sure that we paid in Euros.
  7. Use an ATM and the local currency, the leva. Tell your bank you are going there prior otherwise when you try and use your ATM they will put a block on your card because Bulgaria is a high risk fraud country.

    The place is ridden with whores but it is cheap.
  8. Just got back from Bulgaria and had a great time, it is exactly the same as Bosnia without the mines and bullet holes!

    The difference in prices if you go out of the towns is quite substantial and you may not be quite sure what you are eating but its usually good, never got the squirts once!

    Have fun!
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dont take an umbrella. It could lead to misunderstanding.