Bulford - It could be worse

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Fox_In_The_Box, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. For those of you contemplating termination (either PVR or indeed sucide) at the thought of your impending move to Bulford, spare a thought for poor old Ronaldinho. Born and bred in Brazil, his last three postings have been Paris, Barcelona and Milan which have all been interspersed with 'op tours' to some of the most exciting places across the world. He wakes to hear the news today, oh boy, footballs equivalent of "f**king Glasgow" is going to send him, for his final posting, to Blackburn. A day in the life of Ronaldinho.
  2. You've changed.
  3. That's enough Bulford threads,..... now where's my Christmas Box??
  4. It'll arrive eventually - I misjudged the Christmas mail times to the UK. Never enough Bulford threads, especially if you're not there and never ever ever will be again never ever ever. Ironically, I found the Kiwi that the Bulford Sgts' Mess presented to me when I left - I have gone to throw it away everytime we moved down the years but it always managed to survive as a door stop. I have it on show here and the kiwis think its great. Speaking of door stops, must ask RSM DSI if my PDR is still holding his office door open.
  5. Bloody right I have.
  6. you haven't changed that much; you still made me get the brews in, even in NZ!
  7. Well, that is your true vocation in life!!

    As for your other question on the other means, no I haven't and I don't believe there is one this year!
  8. Bulford!!!! Try Netheravon for 4 years, Bulford was the modern place we went for a break!.

    PS Beckham for West Ham... that'll teach him!
  9. i thought my true vocation was eating doughnuts?

  10. Must.....not......comment......
  11. Everyone else that got a decent posting out of me bought me boxes of After Eights. As you can imagine, I received very few boxes of After Eights.
  12. That wasn't a vocation that was a genetic imperative.