Bulford.....is it really that bad?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Old_Gregg, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. My "third post junior jobs at DISC" thread was ultimately futile!......

    So is it anywhere near as bad as Netheravon where Ive spent a rather disproportionate amount of my last tour!.....
  2. Didn't think Netheravon was that bad :wink:
  3. It is if you end up working for me!
  4. having worked at both - much better than netheravon. facilities are far better.

    but then opinions are like ********* - everybody's got one ;)
  5. You make the most of any posting fella irrespective of what continent or county you are in. You work to play and thats a fact of life.

    At the risk of being too boring (as a retired Dinosaur) I just find there is too much of this going on and I'm sure I have said this before. In the Army - Do As Your Told.

    Enlighten me Old Gregg what rumours are there that scare you about Bulford? There are plenty on Threaders that can shed some light.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Bulford where sadness goes to self harm!!
  7. The facilities at Bulford seem to have improved in the last few years. The Army had to sort the place out, it was pretty grim. They had no choice really, especially as they are going to shoe horn even more Units into TIDNBUL and the other Wiltshire garrisons.

    Anyone who remembers what the 4 MI Bn lads accomodation blocks were like a decade ago will know what I mean. That was a big factor in avoiding the place up until now. But, like Old Gregg, I'm posted to Bulford myself soon, so will find out just how much it has changed.
  8. Bulford is worse than ever! Even the Kiwi has closed down!
  9. I have been here for 6 yrs now on and off and I think it's not bad. It is certainly better than the horror stories about the place.
  10. Woah! easy there, I despise whinging/Im special/Im going to make myself a G1 nightmare till I get my way idiots as much as the next man! I am trying to make the best of the stituation by asking my arrser bretheren! Ill be honest though Im hugely disappointed and fcuked off to be going to another Battalion!.... but hey ho thats life.....

    Ive heard mixed things about the place, unfortunatley mostly bad, Im not too bothered about accomodation etc Im more bothered about whether Im going to get to do some proper OPINT or not, I understand that on tour I will be but what about the UK? What is daily life like there? (Im doing GS).

    The thought of being on the receiving end of a "too many YO's with too little to do and too many good ideas" scenario isnt filling me with much excitement.
  11. Let's face it, your in most of them! :lol:
  12. Sometimes, Bulford could be quite depressing (I had the great fortune to spend some time there on two occasions). A damp Autumn Sunday afternoon during the last week of the month can be dull but, overall every posting is what you make of it. Get a car, get out and about. Thre's some geat places within a couple of hours drive. For those who thought that their social life revolved around the Kiwi and a night out in that great metropolis - Amesbury, well, you deserve Bulford.
  13. You mean the Saxon Warrior, last time I went in there (in 1980) the furniture was screwed to the floor because the KOSBs had used the chairs as weapons 8O .....
    But having driven through the Garrison last week, I can confirm the Kiwi is now boarded up :cry:
  14. And if you think Bulford is bad, you should take a butchers at Winterslow - plenty of high sixes there! :wink: