Bulford - Canadian Estate


We are due to be posted to Bulford soon and have been allocated a quarter (3 bed house) on the Canadian Estate. The couple of people I have mentioned this to have responded with 'urrggggghhh' or 'poor you' lol. Please tell me they are exaggerating!

Can anybody tell me exactly how bad they are or point me in the direction of any piccies I would be very grateful!


I lived in Alexis house in the Canadian Estate 20 years ago, we used to call it the bronx then. We were told that they were being pulled down when we moved out so surprised to see they are still using them. As for how bad they are, we had a two inch gap between the wall and the ceiling in the living room that you could see daylight through and the carpets used to get soaked when the rain came in. It cost us a fortune in gas and electricity as you had to run the heating and electric fire full time it was so cold. Only benefit was big blonde wife in next block of flats used to parade around the house nekkid with lights on and no blinds or curtains :)
Aside from that it was and absolute shit hole and cant see it having changed much. I'm feeling very sorry for you.
When I lived in Bulford Camp (padbrat) that estate was known as The Rabbit Hutches by everybody and anybody I spoke to!

On the plus side, it's not too far from Bulford Droveway which is an excellent place to walk a dog if you have one.