buldge....sit ups :S

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by barber1989, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. i usualy do (or try) 15press ups, 15 situps then 15 pull ups...

    but afta the situps i darent do any more, because i get a buldge bout 4 inchs below my belly button...it doesnt luk right at all...maybe im doin em rong...but it goes away quite soon...with positive effects to ma abs...is every1 like this?
  2. If you're a chick then maybe you are preggers. If you're a bloke then who's the father?

    Either way, it's a bonehead question to go with your earlier wah...
  3. Further to Barber1989s question I have a similar couple of puzzles:

    1. About 4 weeks after a haircut my hair seems to be long again. Does anyone know what causes this?

    2. Every few weeks the nails on my toes need cutting. But why?

    3. Every 24 hours I need to sit on the bog. It's always the same. ???

    4. Every 15 sit ups I look pregnant. Why do I look pregnant? Does anyone else look pregnant after 15 sit ups?
  4. Youve got a hernia.
    rub anusol on it.
    failing that lance it with a coat hanger
  5. Indeed.

  6. doomandgloom stfu.... just a question for **** sake
  7. Is that the bulge you're talking about? Now it all makes perfect sense. I'm sorry for taking the pi$$ earlier.......

  8. You need to take this out before commencing the sit ups:


    It may reduce the "bulge".
  9. Is the bulge this size and this shape?

  10. Christ doomandgloom, your holiday snaps are weird!
  11. That's not a holiday snap. That's me on Bully Patrol at our local kids adventure playground! :p

  12. You'll have confused most people with that I'm sure (not pivvy to our earlier banter) but fair play to you, it made me smile, your line I mean, not the picture of a huge coc4.
  13. Who's calling it huge? :roll:

  14. Well you wouldn't like it up your arrse would you, or maybe you would...