Buiscuits(?) Brown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HSF, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. HSF

    HSF LE

    Good evening,I recently found some old rations.Today i opened a packet of BtsB which had a number stamped on it "0488".I dont know if this is an obscure MOD ref or the date of issue/origin?
    They are at least 20 yrs old to my knowledge.They were perfect.amazing.Shame some other issue kit/stuff doesnt last as well.I have also a tin of steak & kidney pudding,same vintage ,a bit rusty.Any thoughts?
    PS I also used to enjoy school dinners in the 50s/60s
  2. Yeah the HSF guys stunk of cabbage and piss.
  3. HSF???

    That's a bit obscure is it not. Worse than freemasons I hear.
  4. You could try opening it!
  5. yeah and see if its off.
  6. you could learn to spell "biscuits". Then open the stew & use the jagged edge of the tin to cut your throat?
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  7. Never liked the snake and pigmy even when it was fresh
  8. In the 70's I tried a box of 10 in 1 that was dated in the late 40's, everything was edible, although the tinned sponge cake was sort of like a tinned sponge, both in taste and texture. The cheese and crackers were great, as was the swiss steak.
  9. It was off from the start mate.
  10. Babies heads are the dogs bollocks!
    (quite literally in some cases)
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  11. Flash, WTF is a swiss steak? Does it have holes in it or is it a secret thing?
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  12. You get them from yodeling bulls.