Buildings in Singapore.

This was the Capital building:

According to here:

Designed in Neo-Classical style, the Capitol Theatre was built in 1929 by British architectural firm Keys and Dowdeswell, who also designed the Fullerton Building and Singapore General Hospital. Capitol was known as Shaw Building before 1989, as Shaw Organisation bought over the building in 1946. Their showbiz lasted a long 40 years, and finally ended in 1987 when Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) took over the building in 1987. The last movie screened, though, was in 1998.

Apparently they have conservation status and are being kept as an arts centre as part of a major redevelopment.....


Re Orchard Road, if thats the bottom end then the row of shophouses on the right still exist. But most of looks like this photo I took in May this year:


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