Building your own ration pack!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Schaden, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Having a morbid interest in ration packs - past and future - yes I know - bit strange - wtf would you put in ration pack based on purchases from your local high street Tesco/Aldi/Morrisons? Am going off on a 7 day mountain hike and I fecking refuse to be ripped by luxury ration packs R-Us on line.

    Also going with some mates who will be making up their own as well and the argument on what to take has obviously become rather heated and slightly competitive.
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  2. I use Couscous, in individual ziplock bags. Inside I have a little butter, some spice and whatever else you fancy eating with it. Just pour a very small quantity of hot water in and seal the bag up whilst you are brewing up. It's very tasty, and in an emergency can be hydrated with cold water (unlike rice etc).
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  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Both v.good ideas - thnks
  4. I'm on the same mission! I normally go with porridge for breakfast, a snack in the morning, trail mix for lunch, boil-in-the-bag and bread or crackers for evening meal.

    There are sachets of porridge that work with just boiling water (found them at Waitrose). Chuck in some hot chocolate powder for that genuine 1990's ratpack experience. They also have good boil-in-the-bag meals. Look in the 'special' foods section. That is, next to the no-gluten bread etc.

    Coarse oatcakes are good too, maybe with a couple of the plastic packets of jam to make a mid-morning snack.

    You'll have to take whisky rather than wine or beer, of course.

    I haven't been able to find noodles that will cook tidily in a bag, rather than some kind of pot which I'll then have to wash. My Scots mate tries to be really hard-core, and just takes a sack of porridge oats and a bit of salt. If he wasn't carrying 20 pounds of unnecessary fat under his belt, I'd take his cooking advice seriously. The couscous idea sounds like a winner, I'll try that.
  5. I can confirm that is really good - shove a few dried mushrooms in and some of the parmesan thats already near powder - the fresh stuff gets a bit sweaty. There are a few ready mixed cous cous with flavours (Ainsley Harriot does nice ones, but cheaper and just as good in Aldi) and also risottos - which take a little longer to cook up but are delicious. I took lots of dried mango on my last trip into the wilderness
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ahh I can help with the noodles - was bitching that pot noodles are disgusting and someone sent me here - the korean chili ones are damn good as are the Thai.

    Shin Ramyun (Hot & Spicy) (

    Also for your instant Tom Yung Gung - fast delivery and cheaper than Tesco. Big bottles of Soy and Chili Sauce also a bargain.

    Tom Yum Koong Rice Vermicelli (
  7. If you have a reasonable good Deli in you area, with dried fruit and veg ect you can make up ziplok bags of some really good, tasty meals,boil in the bag/microwave rice, is also good, as is Salami and cured meats,A couple of small plastic "Tuperware" containers and you can even take keep stuff fresh for some time and keep the weight down to a minimum, this is something that you need to try out your self for your own taste,
  8. You'll need a series of lids, from a small sandwich paste jar, up to a large jar of coffee, this will enable you to stencil a range card on the side of the box you put it in.
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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    We will of course all be looking like four army surplus store catalogues that have grown legs and have become mobile. Wives and g/f's are becoming a bit tense.
  10. If you are still serving then call it a training exercise, write up an exercise instruction for it, get it signed off and then ask the QM for rat packs.

    If not serving, then get one of your still serving mates to chuck you a box of 10 rat packs that has just reached 'out of date' (so has about 3-5 years left in it) (obviously with the blessing of the QM, otherwise it could be seen to be naughty). Chuck a 100 quid to a forces charity and everyone's happy. Problem solved, and ignore Shortarms suggestion about using various tin and jar lids for drawing out the circles on the side: if you have to go civvie then buy a compass and a 'technical' or draftsmans pen from WH Smiths and use that: easier to pack and take with you in case you need to draw up new rangecards if one of your civvie mates screws theirs up.
  11. Don't you mean "Tropperware"?
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  12. You know, I would buy one of those just for the hell of digging it out on exercise.
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