Building muscle with Slendertone type machines.

Does anyone have any experience of using those electro pules bits of kit that say they tone/massage/build muscle to actually build muscle?

Here's the story - Bloke has a gamy leg, quite bad knee pain from time to time with arthritus, goes to gym regularly uses bike, treadmill (fast walking, hill climb) and cross trainer.

He wants to target train his left leg to build it up as its an inch smaller in circumferance than his right. The gym staff (civie gym) have given him a weights programme, which he will use in addition to his normal phys routine. One of them suggested he look into an electro pules gysmo so he can plug himself in for a couple of hours a day to blitz his quads in addition to the 'real' training.

Anyone have any experience of these types of kit for specifically building up muscle strength and mass (as opposed to other recreational use... :wink: )?
I don't think the gym queen was refering to slendertone machines. There is a more specific type that physio's can use which is more like a tens machine , they are advertised in the back of runnerworld etc
I pulled a tendon in one knee some years ago which gave me a bit of a problem. A specialist doctor couldn't find anything wrong even though I was in pain when running. I eventually tried a sports physiotherapist who used one of those machines to build up the muscles and strength the tendon around the knee. It took about 6-8 sessions and I've never had any more trouble with that knee.

I understand that they are good for building up muscles weakened though injury etc so that you can start training again, but I don't think they'll build bigger muscles on their own. The point is that they exercise the muscles without using weight or stress. To build bigger muscles you need to increase the load on the muscles not just waggle them about to speak.

I often found that veh batteries to the nether regions induced stimulated growth of the love muscle? i.e the middle leg. As to sorting out the left leg.. i dunno, maybe try swapping pos for neg? :roll:

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