Building Collapses on 9/11 - continued

This was the last post before that drunken, arrogant cünt cspunk decided that everything on the subject had already been said and closed the previous thread.

The-Lord-Flasheart wrote:
PS Bugsy. I've just done a very crude calc and have come up with a force equating to about half a million tons at the instant of impact. Of course, that doesn’t take into account deformation of the aircraft or any other absorbing aspects, which of course will reduce that figure.Think about it. 500 knots to zero in less space than half the width of the tower.You have however typified the 'truthers' or conspiracy types. Absolutely no concept of basic physics.
Flashy, I'm neither a "truther" nor a "conspiracy type". I to this day have no idea what actually happened on 9/11. That's the reason why I'm sceptical.

But to pick up on what you believe is a convincing argument, I'd like to quote your own statement: "500 knots to zero in less space than half the width of the tower." Perhaps you'd like to ruminate on the fact that both aircraft entered and completely disappeared into the Twin Towers inside 0.02 seconds, in spite of having just slammed up against 500,000 tonnes of very stout resistance. That means that their respective nose-to-tail speed-reductions were negligible. Is something like that worthy of investigation? I don't know, but it does appear strange on the face of it and in view of the dearth of explanations in general. But maybe that's just me.


So let's crack on with the discussion, chaspesses and chasps. :D :D :D

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